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03-09-2008, 09:43 PM
1. New guy at the club, cant bowl for peanuts, keen but hopeless and is sent to the coach, who tries, but after about 4 or 5 lessons gives up on the guy as a hopeless case and although asked about different things by the new bowler is in reality only getting a bit of tokenistic help. (i have seen this occasionaly)

We all know the coach hasnt really done the right thing but would you, as a bowler, and a friend possibly, step in and help this bloke out?

2. A new bowler, this time female is coached by the Female version of a club coach, but even by simple observation you can see she is being taught in an "Old Fashion" type way, the new lady bowler is showing ability in your mind but you just know that with help this could be a very good bowler.

What advice, if any would you offer, and if asked, even though you are not a coach yourself, would you assist this bowler.

Also a quality coach is known to you but at another club down the road, being that she has ability and will not get proper guidance at your club, would you reccomend she saw the quality coach?

3. Young buck, keen as mustard, has some ability but knows everything, reckless, always driving, a real smartarse kid but at the same time has quite a bit of raw talent.

You can see that if he settled down he could be a real quality bowler, but others have all given him up as a hopeless case.

What would you do as a clubman and Bowler?

Ignore him? Talk about him and run him down to others as a nut? Or go out of your way to try and make something of him knowing he just might be something with some work?

Just testing for some Honest Replies. ;)

03-09-2008, 10:30 PM
Send em all to Doutta Galla

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Send em all to Doutta Galla :cool: :cool:

04-09-2008, 09:57 AM
1. Had this happen a fair bit before i got my Coaches accreditation a few years back. I just went over to the coach and said to him do you mind if give the new bowler a few pointers. Not saying i am a super coach or anything but i might be able to pick up on something you have missed. He had no problem with that. I was able to pick up on a few things different to what he was coaching. By being upfront with the coach at the time whenever that particular bowler went to practice i had no issue in helping them out.

2. Same sort of situation again but maybe a bit more fragile. Have to be a bit more careful not to tread on any toes (Lady Coaches). If there was the opportunity to have some input i would be upfront again and suggest a few things to the coaches, I dont think they would disregard your opinion because at the end of it all your both trying to achieve the same thing. If they do then suggest to the player that they might like to see another coach from elsewhere.

Being careful about your approach to coaches is pretty easy fixed, If you think you have something to offer then become a coach.

3. First thing i think would be encouraging him/her to learn the ettiquitte of the game. Find someone that you know (might be you) that is a well respected member or bowler in the club that can guide the player through, Needs to become like a mentor. Play Tournaments, Pennant club events with them, Show them you are there to help them progress and i think in time you will devolop their respect. There is nothing wrong with being as keen as mustard and enthusiastic but it all needs to be kept in check.

Just my opinions from previous experience.

04-09-2008, 11:05 AM
:i'm with stupid:

3. may also benefit from a well intentioned one on the chin (literally or philosophically - depending on your ability).