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19-04-2010, 12:25 PM
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McGuire family claim top prize
17 Apr, 2010 04:00 AM
Dubbo players have figured prominently in the Zone 4 Junior Championships held during this week at West Dubbo Bowling Club.
The three disciplines of Fours, Pairs and Singles attracted a strong contingent of under-18 boys and girls with the winner moving on to the State Championships at Warilla in the July school holidays.

On Monday, the Fours’ Championships began with a major upset in the very first round when West Dubbo’s McGuire family defeated Michael McIntyre’s highly fancied team on the last end.

Ryan, Keeden, Keeley and Trent McGuire overcame Tom Hull (Dubbo Railway), Alex Milgate (Gilgandra), Shaun Ellery (Parkes) and Michael McIntyre (Narromine) to progress to the final.

There they met and defeated the team of Jake Carmen (Dubbo City), Jake Waterhouse (Nyngan), Skye Moore (West Dubbo) and Claire Bennell (Coonabarabran) 17 shots to 12.

Earlier, Claire’s team just held out the up-and-coming youngsters of Hayden Barrow (Dubbo City), Bradley Barrow (Dubbo City), Jono Davis (Dubbo City) and Kalib Townsend (West Dubbo) by five shots.

In the Pairs’ Championships held Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Shaun Ellery and Michael McIntyre proved far too strong for Jake Carmen and Skye Moore, winning the final by 24 shots to 8.

In the semi-finals Shaun and Michael defeated Jake Waterhouse and Tom Hull, whilst Jake and Skye accounted for Keeden and Trent McGuire in their semi.

In the Singles’ Championships, 18 players entered and by Wednesday night only four players were left standing to fight out the finals on Thursday morning.

In the first semi-final, Michael McIntyre proved too good for last year’s winner Shaun Ellery triumphing 25 shots to 13.

This margin was repeated in the other semi, where Jake Waterhouse’s experience was far too much for Keeden McGuire.

The final was a one-horse race, with Narromine’s Michael McIntyre winning 31 shots to 2.

The exceptional sportsmanship and skills displayed by all contestants was of the highest order.

The support by parents, relatives and friends was also first-class, and comments about the tournament drew high praise from all in attendance.

Zone 4 Junior Convener, Dina Moore, and her hard-working committee comprising June Usher, Debbie Morrow and John Collins worked overtime to ensure the championships were a success and that prize money was on offer for the first time ever, which was appreciated by all the players.

West Dubbo Bowling Club, the official sponsors of junior bowls in the zone, did a marvellous job in providing quality facilities and greens for the championships.

The Zone 4 Junior Selectors also had a difficult time in choosing the Zone’s ‘7-a-Side’ squad for the State titles in August to be held at Port Macquarie.

After much deliberation, the following team was selected: Claire Bennell (Coonabarabran); Shaun Ellery (Parkes); Tom Hull (Dubbo Railway); Mitchell Mc Cann (Dubbo Railway); Trent McGuire (West Dubbo); Michael McIntyre (Narromine); Skye Moore (West Dubbo); Jake Waterhouse (Nyngan). Jake Carmen and Keeden McGuire were also chosen as non-touring reserves.

19-04-2010, 02:20 PM
G'day Chalks. I happened to be out at Dubbo last week - kids and the zoo thingy. I had Tuesday afternoon spare so walked up to the West Dubbo BC and saw that the youngsters were playing. I have to say that I became enthralled with the bowls ability on display.

I was very impressed with what I saw. Watched the last 10 ends of the morning game and the first 8 of the afternoon game (pairs). All these kids displayed great ability and their attitude was excellent. Not a dummy spit to be seen anywhere - they are a credit to their clubs.

Mate that Mick McIntyre can bowl. His brother Matt plays over here for a Taree club and fancies himself a bit. Mick would be at least 50% better bowler. He will play for NSW and probably Australia.

I was impressed with the young Nyngan kid as well. Clearly outclassed by McIntyre and his partner but he stuck to his guns and dug deep when required.

Better than watching Premier League!

19-04-2010, 02:35 PM
How bizarre! It was there for a few moments and now its gone.

Yes John he has discovered other pleasure in life. I don't think he's into the grog but does have a can of coke every few ends. He would fit comfortably into XXX clothing and when you think of the size of Mick - that's massive.

Oh, and he does have a girlfriend who is a bowler.

Maybe all the things you mentioned in your disappearing post are what I am doing wrong. :mrgreen:

19-04-2010, 02:37 PM
Gday Frank

Theyre all great kids, typical country. Mickey sure can bowl & the only one close would probably be his pairs partner, Shaun Ellery. Both played for the Zone side last year. Jake (Nyngan) must of played out of his skin, havent seen him on the green in at least 8 months, but hes a good young fella, bit of a rogue like his Dad & has played the last 2-3 yrs in our top side.

Theres plenty of good juniors & if we could stop the bickering between the Zone juniors & Academy it could be a real breeding ground as far as talent goes.

Matty Mc is just as good as Micky, in my opinion, but as with most juniors discovered grog & women at the same time, & is along way from his support base.