View Full Version : Unregistered Pennant Players

04-01-2013, 09:18 PM
Is it something that I have only just noticed this season, or what?

So far, Bowls WA have penalised at least two Clubs this season for playing unregistered players.

I can't recall seeing this occur previously (although I'm sure there have been 'cases', and likely BWA may have acted)

It raises some interesting points:
. Has BWA finally caught up with 'the computer age', and are regularly checking Pennant eligibility?
. Have Club Officials (primarily Club Captains - Selectors - Secretaries) fallen down in their responsibilities
. Or have they 'taken the risk'?

Is this situation peculular to WA, or do all State Associations have Clubs occasionally fiddling theirPennant sides?

05-01-2013, 01:18 AM
As a former member of Match and Program here, we have a full audit after the first week for all days and every game. Clubs get notified if there is problems, they still get their points taken off them, but they also get the chance to fix it before round 2 as the audit is usually done on the Monday and finished off Tuesday when the Saturday sheets should all be in.

They used to then spot check 2 or 3 sheets for every day on a weekly basis after that.

Usually most clubs are fixed after the first week and it usually happens with members deciding to move in the last week or so before pennant starts, that cause the problems.

previously a lot of clubs used to get caught out about round 15 and stripped of most games, so the 1st week full audit has solved a lot of those problems these days.

Not sure how it goes these days as i no longer on there, but i am sure they would still do the Full Audit after round 1 still.

I am of course talking in SA here