View Full Version : Jnr State Championships

01-03-2008, 11:25 AM
anyone goin?
i've got teams in everything for queenslands

01-03-2008, 01:00 PM
anyone goin?
i've got teams in everything for queenslands

Is this for the qul championships??

In vic, we have ours all over the season.

05-03-2008, 06:33 PM
yup thats what i mean.

07-04-2008, 04:20 PM
How you go in the State juniors Brent?

Let us know how you went as we are always out supporting our fellow forumites.

24-04-2008, 03:59 PM
not so good, though i judged my performance as pretty good considering, there was a major form bunkout in my team, and more than a few ego's flared.

in the 4's i just gave up, (bad i know) but when your teams constintly 6 foot away 3 games straight it kinda gets to ya. lol
ummm still did ok though, won 1, allmost won againced dean mcwhinny on the last bowl (dont u hate missing by an inch? lol) and lost the other.

pairs. i dont wanna talk about i refused to skip as my partner didnt give me nothin.

tripples i refused to skip also. pretty much got through to semi finals with my lead bowls on kitty their covering. till the semi's where the second got a big head, said "im going skip cos i won the under 15's pairs. he took a set of pinikles againced sam white, chris hall and andrew (someone)..umm not a skip at all to say the least but eh i stood out of it n i feel i led well , if 2 bowls within 2 feet most ends aint good what is?...

singles i was absolutely bloody excited about!!
i versed sam white the 1st round, he had me 10 nill down i came back to 15-20, both of us were playing awsum bowls, but i had him swearing his head off hehe which made me feel good and bowl better, last end i had 1 shot, trail for three, and the bloody kitty got the wrong edge somehow n gave him shot lol
was the best singles ive ever played though so i was more than happy, considering it was only my 6th singles match ever :mrgreen:

umm...sry for the lengthy typing... :oops: