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  1. Winter bowls

    Handicap events and club championships will soon be in full swing at Queanbeyan. So As I'm in Victoria over the weekend I decided to check out some of the events Victorian clubs participate in. My grandad plays for the ky valley view bowls club and the events he has won or finished runner up over the years is pretty impressive.

    1993/1994 A grade singles winner
    1998/1999 Two bowl mixed singles winner
    1998/1999 Pairs runners up
    2000/2001 100 up singles runners up ...
  2. Under 18 Test Series ACT v NSW


    Singles - Jamie-Lee Worsnop
    Pairs - Ellen Ryan & Jamie-Lee Worsnop (s)
    Triples - Kate Davis, Molly Wilton & Dawn Hayman (s)
    Fours - Kate Davis, Molly Wilton, Ellen Ryan & Dawn Hayman (s)

    Singles - Dylan Skinner (s)
    Pairs - Jono Davis & Dylan Skinner (s)
    Triples - Sam Hatch-Caccamo, Issac Rayner & Corey Wedlock (s)
    Fours - Jono Davis, Sam Hatch-Caccamo, Issac Rayner & Corey Wedlock (s)

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  3. Queanbeyan bowling club history

  4. Queanbeyan Performs When It Matters winning the No.1 Pennant Flag over Weston Creek

    The Queanbeyan Bowling club has reaffirmed its status as oneof the ACTís strongest clubs with a stirring victory over the highly credentialedWeston Creek yesterday with an amazing 63-56 win that nobody saw possible. The wingives Queanbeyan itís first No.1 flag since 2007 and consigned Weston Creek toanother heartbreaking defeat. The other pennant side that played off in thefinals was the 6ís that lost their semi-final on Saturday to Weston Creek 45 to65. Well done to the boys in the 6's who fought ...
  5. Summary of how queanbeyan bowling club has performed in the 2014 pennant season

    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Calibri]Yesterdayís games capped off the regular season games forthe Queanbeyan Bowling Club and even though there was some tense moments throughout the year we will have three teams compete in the finals this weekend. As I stated in my post from last week the analysis of how the teams performed will be scrutinised thoroughly in this article and no punches will be pulled. Before I start off however I would like to congratulate the following grades (1 4 and 6)in making ...

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