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      ! Exclusive to Legacy Members

      Legacy Members (Members transferred over from the previous Bowlsworld Forum PHPBB site) can now enable their personal Blog space.

      Initially (during testing and setting structure) Blogs were locked out to all members while we were setting up the Front Page criteria. NOW everyone has their own Blog to write their personal story, bowls anecdotes, video pages, your personal lawn bowls interest, what ever you like.

      Look in your Profile and the bottom of your left hand sidebar you should see Blog link, click and a number of options become available to you.

      Bowlsworld will provide a more developed Blog User Guide shortly, the basic Member's Blogs though allow you a great array of options including:-

      Edit Title and Description - Edit the title and description for your blog as displayed to visitors.

      *5 extra Pages and #5 extra Sidebar Widgets for your personal Blog that can all be created with the WYSIWYG editor functions in every posting opportunity...those with any web development skills should love this option to fully redesign their personal look but the native site skins (Style Chooser) will allow them to use the native look adequately.

      Explanations as to how to redesign your personal Blogs will be provided in the future but members wanting help can contact Editor through site PM system and we will run you through it if you will help explain to others how it goes. Word of Mouth is best and empowered members would be encouraged to share.

      * Edit Custom Pages - this setting in your Blogs allows you to add 5 new page links to your Blog. This is all created through the WYSYWYG editor with text that can be edited, pics or bannerheads added (no html), videos and a Grid Box function that will allow you to build a basic layout.

      #Organize Sidebar - this setting allows you to add 5 new Personal Blog sidebar widgets for your Club or Association, advertisements for your business, favourite charities links, a Google Plug In. This is all created through the WYSYWYG editor with text that can be edited, pics or bannerheads added (no html), videos and a Grid Box function that will allow you to build a basic layout.

      + Edit Title and Description - edit the title and description for your Blog as displayed to visitors.

      ! Exclusive to Legacy Members - this option is being set up for site originals, if not upgraded or appointed Regular Members will be authorised by Adminstration tocreate a Blog space. Legacy Members can also suggest new members. Legacy Members can also recommend new members and new Regular Members can ask to be authorised by Admin to create their own Blog.

      Publishing to Front Page

      The site owner reserves the right to publish to the Front Page Sections and it's Categories any contributions deemed worthy of news or interesting media rich content. As best as possible these articles will be placed in the appropriate Section. If a new Section is required it is a simple task and can be handled quickly.

      >>>> Legacy Members who would like their own Contributor's Blog and/or also contribute to National or State content Blogs and Sections can not only do so but we highly encourage it.

      Apply to the publisher phil@bowlsworld.com.au.


      is the predicted future of the Internet Magazine/Newspaper and current hard copy formats cannot keep up with the day to day happenings in our very active calendar of events. Check the link to understand the potential.

      Create your own Channel!

      Bowlsworld offers many members, especially Clubs and Associations a many faceted way of promting the game of Lawn Bowls in their area.

      Podcasting is native to the site in the Forums.

      Members can choose to include a Podcast in their post...but...atm it is restricted to iTunes accounts. If members have a UStream, JustinTV or TwitchTV membership we can supply bbcodes in the WYSIWYG that will allow you to just pop your own channel into the site.

      >>>This post will be upgraded as more information and attributes become available.
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