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      I've been thinking of a couple of preliminary tournament ideas that could happen in the near to distant future that might help boost interest for bowls in the ACT and encourage people that may be disenchanted by other sports to give it a go. Every one of these events should be seen as a warmup for the real deal.

      * 3 Bowl Pairs over 16 ends before the act pairs
      This format would be 3 bowl ends by the lead and then by the skip. Very similar to the 2 bowl pairs just with an additional bowl. Designed to quicken the games up and more attractive for those in the stands.

      * 6 games over 9 ends of 2 Bowl Pairs during the xmas break
      Should be the most popular format that new bowlers take up. Only 8 bowls all up over 9 ends equals 72 bowls in the match. Compare that to 21 ends of 16 bowls and that's over 300 bowls! Every bowl in this format would count for plenty and will help new bowlers understand the importance of each bowl.

      * 5 games over 10 ends of 4 Bowl Singles before act singles
      Designed to sharpen up your focus and technique before the marquee event of the season. The 5 games you play against will be against pennant/club teammates that will be a good indication of where your game is at.

      * 3 month annual competitions against the top 6 and bottom 6 state clubs (depending on club numbers) of Pairs and Triples
      If this concept ever gets off the ground it would be incredible. Before each pennant season (Late Jan) have a tournament where you pick your best 3 pennant players from each grade the previous year and pit them against the best of the rest in a battle of pairs and triples.

      * Under 25 tournaments for each club (that can muster the numbers).
      Try and incorporate all four forms of the game into your club's events. Never underestimate the value of school programs and give teenagers incentives to play in these events. Bowls can offer a multitude of social and analytical benefits that will set up a child later on in whatever they do. This game builds resilience!</o>
      This article was originally published in blog: Ideas for the future ! started by Nathan Savino
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