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      New Weather Widget

      Members will notice a new Weather Widget in the Forum Sidebar. This is called the Yo Weather Widget and is supplied by vBulletin.org mod builders.

      This will give you the weather pretty much wherever you are if you want to fine tune it by going to the website and finding the number required.

      Go to http://yowindow.com/weatherwidget.php and fill in your details and generate the code. The only part of the code you need is the number after id=gn: and before &. Take note of that number and go to Edit Profile on your site, scroll down to the newly made Weather Code Location and blurb box and enter the number. Save your profile. Go back to your forum home and the new block should display with your weather details for the next 5 days. Click on the scenery image and it will expand to full-screen and give a more detailed outlook.

      (Click on Picture for larger view)

      To set your Weather

      Go to your Profile

      When you go to your Profile you will see a new option called Weather Location Code simply add the required number Code from the list below. Members can add local Codes to this thread or reply to this post...Please keep entry simple should you want to help.

      (Click on Picture for larger view)

      Location Weather Code
      Melbourne Code 2158177
      Geelong Code 2163355
      New South Wales
      Sydney Code 2147714
      Brisbane Code 2174003
      South Australia
      Adelaide Code 2078025
      Western Australia
      Perth 2063523
      Hobart 2163355
      Northern Territory
      Darwin 2073124
      Australian Capital Territory
      Canberra 2172517

      ##Please note - The Front Page widget still needs you to fill details in your Profile, The Forum Weather Widget is set to you IP address
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