• Summary of Queanbeyan Champions since 1935 PART 1

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      Part 1 of this summary will detail the club's FOURS champions since the 1963-64 season.

      1963/64: L.Swan, A.Crawley, C.Hawes, V.Southwell
      1964/65: K.Woods, P.Moncreiff, N.Barling, H.Swan
      1965/66: K.Williams, P.Lindbeck, T.Lindbeck, J.Collett
      1966/67: K.Burford, A.McDonald, A.Crawley, C.Scotter
      1967/68: E.G.Lewis, N.Barling, R.Spendelove, F.Greentree
      1968/69: A.McDonald, W.McDonald, K.Price, J.Sims
      1969/70: A.McDonald, W.McDonald, K.Price, J.Sims
      1970/71: P.Schow, D.Schow, G.Schow, R.Schow
      1971/72: R.Hill, B.Moroney, D.Thornton, R.Spendelove
      1972/73: H.Marmont, L.Marchiori, W.Lindbeck, G.Megee
      J.Zappacosta, W.Prothero, F.McGregor,C.Scotter
      1974/75: J.Zappacosta, W.Prothero, F.McGregor, C.Scotter
      1975/76: P.Schow, K.Thornton, A.Crawley, K.Woods
      1976/77: P.Schow, G.Richards, K.Woods, K.Williams
      1977/78: N.Lindbeck, R.Harrigan, P.Flynn, G.Dawes
      1978/79: E.Buchtmann, P.Lindbeck, J.Woods, S.Plowright
      1979/80: E.Buchtmann, L.Berry, J.Woods, S.Plowright
      1980/81: D.Thornton, K.Thornton, J.Dalton, A.Crawley
      1981/82: N.Lindbeck, R.Hill, R.Harrigan, G.Dawes
      1982/83: D.Hill, D.Carrat, R.Harrigan, P.Flynn
      1983/84: K.Burford, R.Kennedy, J.Pearson, K.Woods
      1984/85: B.Markham, J.Wynd, G.Kelly, P.Maher
      1985/86: K.Burford, R.Munro, G.Murphy, W.Woodbridge
      1986/87: M.Thornton, WJ.Carters, K.Thornton, A.Crawley
      1987/88: J.Tsakalos, A.Walters, B.Hodgson, B.Sims
      1988/89: J.Tsakalos, A.Walters, B.Hodgson, B.Sims
      1989/90: P.Burn, T.Steve G.Kelly J.Pearson
      1990/91: R.Munro R.Sutton S.Harriden W.Lindbeck
      1991/92: P.Burn T.Steve G.Kelly J.Pearson
      1992/93: J.Booby B.Dowling J.Woods M.Woodley
      1993/94: J.Tsakalos B.Markham G.Murphy T.Kerr
      1994/95: A.Walters F.Johnstone G.Kelly B.Sims
      1995/96: W.Martin K.Burford M.Coupe C.Clarke
      1996/97: P.Schofield J.Edwards P.Hattam E.Clarke
      1997/98: P.Burn A.Halloran D.Newton F.Greentree
      1998/99: J.Tsakalos P.Warner J.Conway P.Crowe
      1999/00: P.Jeffries F.Johnstone G.Kelly B.Sims
      2000/01: M.Dagwell S.Dagwell B.Miller B.Wilson
      2001/02: J.King A.Walters P.Flynn A.Taylor
      2002/03: R.Miller J.Wynd T.Kerr P.Schofield
      2003/04: P. Jeffries S. Dagwell R. Lindbeck R. Chesher
      2004/05: P. Jeffries S. Dagwell R. Lindbeck R. Chesher
      2005/06: T. Douch G. Ordish R. Moon D. Newton
      2006/07: G. Mcarthur E. Ilijas D. Salerno G. Kelly
      2007/08: P. Jeffries M. Sharpe W. McLennan K. Pearson
      2008/09: J. Tsakalos G. Cash J. McLennan P. Crowe
      2009/10: J. Tsakalos W. Brownlie J. McLennan P. Crowe
      2010/11: T. Anderson R. Bacchetto A. Halloran G. Smith
      2011/12: J. Wynd G. Baker A. Walters B. Sims
      2012/13: L.Penman J.McLennan S.Dagwell S.Robertson
      2013/14: B.Bacchetto T.Anderson A.Halloran G.Smith

      Hope everyone enjoys a bit of the history of this great club.

      This article was originally published in blog: Summary of Queanbeyan Champions since 1935 PART 1 started by Nathan Savino

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