• Incorrect application of Bowlsvic heat policy

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      I was approached by a lady who had to withdraw from the CoC pairs being played at Darebin last Sunday. She and a number of other ladies had to withdraw after suffering in the heat giving walkovers to their opponents. The temperature was in excess of 36 as I had rung out of curiosity as I was playing in a normal tournament at Fitzroy. She was informed she could have extra breaks but they would have to play on. My concern is the Bowlsvic rules for Competition are quite clear when it comes to BV Men's and Women's Championship events conducted in the metropolitan area. It is unfortunate that bowlers are being denied the opportunity to actually play bowls because of incorrect application of the heat policy. Play should have been suspended the moment the temperature hit 36 degrees. Play could have resumed when the cool change came. If you are in this position playing in these events kindly point the umpire to the rule if you are forced to play. There is no provision to have extra breaks.
      The Rule reads as follows(note this is different from the Pennant heat policy):

      F Inclement Weather
      (i) For BV Menís & Womenís Championships conducted in the Metropolitan area the
      game will be suspended by the Controlling Body if the actual dry bulb temperature
      recorded at the nearest BV designated (refer Appendix B) Melbourne Bureau of
      Meteorology official recording station (not the venue club itself) has reached 36
      degrees Celsius, every effort must be made to complete the ends in progress prior
      to leaving the green for the suspension of play. The game should be completed on
      the same day providing time allows and the temperature falls below 36 degrees
      prior to recommencement, otherwise, the game will be continued at a time and
      place as determined by the Controlling Body with the scores as they were at the
      time of the stoppage.
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