• Australian Open 2014 ACT hopefuls battle it out.

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      Here is a list of the qualifiers from the ACT in the Singles. Below each name is an update on how they are going in the Aus Open.

      Mick Carley
      R1 11-21

      Kevin Boughton
      R1 17-21

      Robert Craven

      Andrew Howie
      R1 11-21

      Thomas Webb
      R1 18-21

      Jason Smith
      R1 21-19
      R2 18-21

      Damon Jeffery
      R1 21-11
      R2 17-21

      Robert Matheson
      R1 7-21

      Ian Whybrow
      R1 14-21

      Danny Webb
      R1 11-21

      Chris Pollack
      R1 21-19
      R2 19-21


      R1 8-20
      R1 11-14
      R1 11-18
      R1 9-16
      R1 7-20

      MEN's FOURS

      Haven't played yet.

      Guys once the full results are released of the men's fours and the women's events I will update this post. Cheers

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