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      This article is from the Bowls Australia website and is not the intellectual property of myself, but BA. This list is just the tipping point of young talent in Australian lawn bowls, and will form the backbone for future success in national events! (fingers crossed ).

      National Training Centre Squads

      In a first for the sport, this year the state-based National Training Centre (NTC) coaches have made public their list of state squad members and aspiring national representatives.

      Overseen by national coach Steve Glasson OAM, the NTC coaches are charged with playing a key role in the preparation of identified squad members to achieve international success, implementing Bowls Australia's high performance philosophy and programs, focusing on the daily training environment for the Australian Under-18, Australian emerging and NTC squad members.

      NTC Squads (by state):

      South Australia and Northern Territory
      Coach: Faye Luke (SA & NT)
      Cassandra Harvey (SA), Laini Murray (SA), Kate Smith (SA), Ben Bowman (SA), Josh Chopin (SA), Ryan Digby (SA), Simon Dorr (SA), Mark Haines (SA), Matthew Northcott (SA), Josh Studham (SA), Brandon Whiley (SA)

      Victoria and Tasmania
      Coach: Mark Cowan (VIC & TAS)
      Tayla Spence (VIC), Victoria Troster (VIC), Kylie Whitehead (VIC)
      Mikayla Baker (TAS), Courtney Hobbs (TAS), Hollie Keen (TAS), Bree-anna Mabb (TAS), Felicity Webster (TAS), Dane McKinnon (VIC), Scott Mortimer (VIC), Brodie Baker (TAS), Christopher Cartlidge (TAS), Ben Dayton (TAS), Bradley Gibson (TAS), Matthew Jackson (TAS), Bradley Mabb (TAS), Lachlan Sims (TAS)

      Western Australia
      Coach: Therese Hastings (WA)
      Lisa Featherby (WA), Matthew Ayres (WA), Lewis Grigg (WA), Matthew Mitchell (WA), Cody Packer (WA), Daniel Patterson (WA), Dave Rankin (WA)

      NSW and ACT
      Coach: Gary Willis (NSW & ACT)
      Damon Jeffery (ACT), Sarah Boddington (NSW), Madison Fennell (NSW), Jasmine Kew (NSW), Morgan Solman-Stewart (NSW), Mark Berghofer (NSW), Jono Davis (NSW), Cory Daley (NSW), Ben Glasson (NSW), Chris Green (NSW), Chris Herden (NSW), Luke Jones (NSW), Alex Lee (NSW), Anthony McKenna (NSW), Matt Miles (NSW), Simon Mitchell (NSW), Jesse Noronha (NSW), Mathew Pietersen (NSW), Aaron Teys (NSW)

      Coach: Brett Wilkie (QLD)
      Kiani Andersen (QLD), Shahn Griffiths (QLD), Bolivia Millerick (QLD), Cassandra Millerick (QLD), Connie-Leigh Rixon (QLD), Pam Rowe (QLD), April Wilson (QLD), Lauren Wilson (QLD), Des Cann Jnr (QLD), Eric Copeland (QLD), Dean McWhinney (QLD), Sam White (QLD), Robbie Wild (QLD), Brendon Wilson (QLD)
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