• Werribee Wipeout!!

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      With Section-1 top side Deer Park gone, and Bundoora now bundled out of the
      finals race too, KHSC were off to Richmond Union on Sunday (2/3) to tackle 3rd
      placed Werribee in the knock-out sectional final.

      In perfect conditions on the RU tiff-dwarf green running around 16 seconds, in
      warm sunshine with only a slight breeze the tension was electric.

      Grant Pickering had come back into the KHSC side as Pacholli’s 3rd, at the
      expense of top-side first gamer Shane Hartog, who had filled-in for the first semi
      against Deer-Park with great distinction.

      This was a match you just had to see to believe. It’s probably the first time
      I’ve watched a KHSC side play with such passion & belief in themselves, drawing
      the very best out of their skill levels, - not being content just to plod along the
      average course, but digging deeper in absolute belief, ably led by the Coach
      (Garry ‘Major’ Ball) & his rink.

      The vision of the previous days win over Deer Park was still indelibly etched into
      the minds of the16 players, and nothing less than a repeat of that dedication &
      commitment would be acceptable if we were to beat Werribee, who’d beaten us
      on their turf in round 14.

      If you arrived 30 minutes late to Richmond Union you could have been forgiven for
      thinking that the main scoreboard attendant had got it wrong or that the wind had
      rolled over a few numbers?

      Heres why,…..after 26-ends the score was 38/11.
      “ “ 33 ends “ “ “ 48/14.
      “ “ 44 ends “ “ “ 63/18.

      Then at the tea-break both teams went in with the main board showing KHSC 67/18 after 46 ends. Absolutely astonishing stuff. The Werribee boys were devastated and the body language was starting to show. In the entire careers of all of the talented Werribee side it is unlikely any of them would ever have experienced such a humiliating belting ever in their Div-1 or Premier division careers. They were simply stunned, as were the spectators of both sides, in a match being played in excellent conditions. There could be no room for excuses, other than as they say,…..

      “if it wasn’t for bad-luck, - I’d have to blame myself!”

      The KHSC side were all quietly contained, confident & focused, not on the match score, but on their very next bowl immediately after the break. “Deliver your next bowl with accurate purpose & the main scoreboard will look after itself! That was the sides mindset, and it was showing. So, could they keep this intensive accuracy & pressure going for the 2nd half, because Werribee just don’t allow teams to run away with matches at this level like KHSC were at the half way mark!!

      It was to this stage an astonishing performance by all 16 making up the 4 x KHSC rinks.

      The rink scores at tea were; KHSC leading Werribee 67/18 (46 ends)
      · Ray Jansen leading 12/4 after 10 ends
      · Peter Pervaz leading 9/5 after 9 ends
      · Garry Ball leading 24/4 after 11 ends
      · Mick Pacholli leading 15/5 after 13 ends.

      As expected, Werribee fought back from this humiliating deficeit at the half-way mark, but they couldn’t stop the rampaging ‘Kites’ who were just relentless in their focus. All 4 x rinks stormed to victory adding another 25 shots whilst Werribee collected 35 shots to win the 2nd half of the match, - but the damage was well & truly done in those first 46 ends from which Werribee could not recover. Nobody could! It was an unprecedented whirlwind performance by the KHSC 4th-place finishing underdog. In fact Werribee were so flattened, they decided not to play the last 5-ends, calling a ‘mercy’ stoppage to end the ruination of their season.

      That win gave KHSC the Division-1 ‘Section-1’ Flag, and the club is now drawn to play Burden Park on Sat 8th March, at Mount Waverley, for the right to be promoted into Premier Division next season .The winner goes on to play for the ‘White Pennant’ & both those Division-1 Grand Finalists are promoted to Premier Division. The losers remain in Division-1. It’s been a remarkable journey since the holiday break over Xmas, where we’ve only lost one of the 8 matches played. (Inc 2 finals)

      Who would have thought this was possible? After round 16 KHSC was in 7th spot on the ladder and had to play the ladder leader & 4th placed Richmond Union to secure 4th position. Nobody outside the club gave us a chance, and then we were thought to be ‘cannon fodder’ in the final play-offs, but we’ve knocked them all off, with one to go on Saturday against Burden Park, to win the honour of playing in Premier Division, where we have not been for 10 years.

      It’s an even more remarkable journey when you remember our top-side was in Division-2, three-seasons’ ago, and only held on to our Div-1 status last season by the skin of our teeth & a bit of luck, by the skinniest of a 2-point margin which saw us finish 8th on the ladder in the 10 team section. (Teams 9 & 10 on the ladder are relegated to Div-2. & it’s a very difficult road to get back, as we’ve also experienced more often than we prefer.)

      To all KHSC members, - if you missed the 2 finals performances by our boys, get your car headed to Mount Waverley on Sat (8/3) with your fingers crossed that they have now recognised just hpw good they can be, and deliver another stunning performance.

      And congratulations to our Coach & rink skip, Garry ‘Major’ Ball who has led & shown us the way to the top.

      The KHSC top-side have fought hard - copped a bit of criticism from time to time - but have come through it strongly to give us all some pride in their achievements, so they all deserve our support – Win, lose or Draw!

      It certainly reflects well on our new & revitalised club, of which we all should be proud.

      Final rink Scores; - KHSC won 92/53 v Werribee Div-1, Sec-1 ‘Sectional Final’
      · Peter Pervaz won 14/9
      · Garry ‘Major’ Ball won 32/14
      · Ray Jansen won 23/16
      · Mick Pacholli won 22/11

      A few of the match highlights.

      · Interesting that Burden Park are quoted to have stated that IF they were to beat KHSC in the Divisional Semi-Final & gain promotion to Premier Division next season, they will need to recruit another 6 ‘top-side’ players.’ Such is the need to hold their own in this elite bowls competition level. OR - like so many teams, Kew Heights included - you win promotion, but are relegated the very next season, because many of the Div-1 players who got you there, are not up to this elite ‘Premier’ standard.

      · Therefore - if KHSC wins the knock-out match against BP, does that mean we perhaps only need to recruit 3 or 4 top-side players to remain competitive at Premier level? A question that will be debated long & hard over the winter months, pre 2014/15 season.
      · After the first half thrashing of Werribee by Kew Heights (67/18) at the break,
      (46-ends) Werribee recovered their composure & focus to win the 2nd half 25/35, but
      they were still 48 short & their optimistic season was over, pulling the pin to concede
      defeat with 5 ends still to play.

      · Grant Pickering coming back into the side as Mick Pacholli’s 3rd, picked up where he left off after the thrilling win against Richmond Union in Round-18 & played a few of his characteristic blinders.

      · Tom Ristic has been a very effective acquisition as Peter Pervaz’s 3rd, displaying plenty of deft draw touch & a very useful weighted running shot. (Ristic joined Kew Heights from Ivanhoe early in the season.)

      · Mike Haigh, a 2nd year bowler from NZ, has gone ahead in leaps & bounds, vindicating the faith Con Doherty (dec) had expressed in him. His performances as Garry Ball’s lead have been terrific, and he gets better with each match. He has grown his belief in his own ability dramatically & now looks like he’s been playing bowls for a decade - not just 2 seasons. “Go the New Ziiilindizz”

      · Eng Ang just keeps getting his tiny ‘pebble’ bowls (size 2) on the jack as Pacholli’s lead. He’s been an inspirational pace setter, and a great club-man.

      · Neil Jewell’s return top lead for Ray Jansen, after a severe hand injury in a car crash
      whilst heading to the Werribee round-14 clash, has been a highlight. At the time he was unsure if he would be able to play again this season, but the ‘lead’ role in last weekends finals campaign has seen his game becoming rust-freer with every outing & he looks like he’s loving it, which is showing on the scoreboard & to the rest of his team-mates.

      · If there was any doubt that KHSC had stolen the early run on the match up front,
      Peter Pervaz grabbed another 3+ shots & Jansen another 2+ shots just as the bell
      was rung for the break, which rubbed more shot-salt into the already deeply
      wounded Werribee.

      · It’s probably the first time in any Div-1 bowls final that a team has thrown in the towel
      with 5-ends still to play. Whilst Werribee had won the 2nd half of the match on the
      main board, they’d simply run out of ends to pick up the 48 shots they needed to
      stay alive.

      · “Where the bloody hell were you?” (Yes, I know it’s a Lara Bingle line) But, why weren’t you at Richmond Union last Sunday to see our boys deliver their best performance for the club EVER to win our ’Sectional’ finals campaign.?

      So pack your lunch & head your car in the direction of Mount Waverley B.C.on Sat 8th March for the Burden Park challenge, - to see who will win the right for Promotion to Premier Div. next season & the prestige of playing off for the Div-1 ‘White Flag.’

      This is history in the making, and if you care, you’ll be there.

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