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      Issue 189 – 25 July 2014

      BV Board Elections

      Voting papers and candidate information were distributed to clubs on Monday 21 July and the flow of Ballot papers back to Bowls Victoria has already begun, with clubs returning their votes for the two female director’s positions available in this year’s election. A reminder to all clubs that voting Closes at 4.30pm on Friday 22 August 2014. Votes will be counted on Tuesday 26 August 2014 and the declaration of the ballot will be made public on Wednesday 27 August 2014.

      Commonwealth Games

      The Commonwealth Games are well and truly underway in Glasgow, Scotland. Remember you can follow the progress of the Australian Lawn Bowls team and the four Victorian bowlers in action via the Bowls Victoria Website, Facebook & Twitter.
      To get an insight of what the athletes are up to; you can follow the four Victorian’s on Twitter
      Matt Flapper - @flapps137 / Carla Odgers - @C_Dodger / Tony Scott - @scott3585 / Tim Slater - @TimSlater1
      Alternatively here are a few other places to visit to make sure you’re up to date with all of the scores and results.
      Bowls Australia Website, Bowls Australia Facebook, Bowls Australia Twitter.
      Commonwealth Games website – Lawn Bowls Page

      Bowls Victoria Regulations - amendments

      A reminder call to all members, Club Officials and Division/Region Officials that the BV Regulations have been updated and can be found as Version 130511.2.7 (Date 16 July 2014). The changes relate to PART IV – MEMBERSHIP and REGULATION 18 – PENNANT PERMITS.
      A link to the details of the amendments can be found here and a link to the updated BV Regulations document can be accessed here.

      Metropolitan Pennant Entries

      The Metropolitan Pennant Committee thanks all clubs for their cooperation in submitting teams for the Midweek and Saturday Pennant competitions enabling them to commence compiling the Metropolitan Pennant draws for season 2014/2015.
      The hard part begins now in getting the balance of the draws right, so please be patient as this process unfolds over the next few weeks prior to notification of the draws going public.

      Club Information Returns

      In order for Bowls Victoria to produce its Annual Information Guide and in order to ensure all our information is up-to-date we request that all clubs please take a small amount of time to fill in our survey listing office holders and information about their club. We appreciate that many clubs are efficient and inform us of their up-to-date information but ask that they please still fill in this form as it allows us to collate the relevant information in an efficient way.

      The deadline for filling in the form is Friday, August 8. If you do not fill in the form by this time then the Information Guide will go to print with old information which we suspect will not be appreciated by outgoing office holders.

      The link to the survey is here – please fill it in as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

      Bowls Victoria Finance Director Position – Expression of Interest

      Bowls Victoria is seeking Expressions of Interest for the position of Finance Director.
      This person will be an appointed member of the Bowls Victoria Board and will chair the Finance and Audit Committee. The appointment, which is an honorary position, is for a term of two years which may be extended. It is envisaged that this person will have appropriate accounting qualifications and experience. Nominations for this position close on Wednesday 30 July 2014. For further information please click here.

      Champions of State Pennant - Club Survey

      Many thanks to all of the Region, Division & Metropolitan Premier/Division 1 clubs who have responded to the survey question regarding the Champion of State Pennant for Saturday & Midweek competitions. Those that are yet to respond are required to do so by no later than COB Wednesday 30 July 2014. Replies can be emailed to Bowls Victoria Operations Manager Peter Delaney at bowlsvic@bowlsvic.org.au or mailed to Bowls Victoria C/- Suite7, 32-36 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, VIC, 3123.

      Bowls Victoria Committees – Expression of Interest

      Please refer to the Expression of Interest formavailable from the Bowls Victoria website to be completed by anyone interested in becoming a member of a Bowls Victoria Committee for season 2014 – 2015. Should you be interested in putting your name forward for any of the Committees listed, we welcome you to do so. If new to a Bowls Victoria Committee it would be helpful to include your CV, or a brief outline of your relevant experience in your area of interest. Terms of Reference for each Committee can be found on the Bowls Victoria website. Whilst we would have appreciated all forms and any accompanying documentation returned to Bowls Victoria by this week, we understand that there may be people away so there has been an extension placed on the return of these until Friday 1 August 2014. Bowls Victoria recognises and greatly appreciates the important contributions made by all Committee members and we value their support.

      Sports Community Club Training

      The next round of Club Development Training sessions are drawing closer and closer. The first sessions, in the Gippsland and Strzelecki Regions, begin in only a week and a half. We are very excited with the way registrations are flocking in for these and all the other sessions. Make sure your club doesn’t miss out!
      Each series of training comprises of 6 sessions vital to the future of clubs and has received resounding and glowing feedback from the clubs who attended the initial training series recently completed at Bendigo, Doncaster and Mornington.
      The testimonial from CEO of Dromana Bowls Club talking about the value of the sessions to their club has been downloaded over 200 times already. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out now.

      Click on the video of Dromana Bowls Club CEO Jeff Flather
      For those attending the sessions in Sale from 2 August please note there is a restaurant available onsite if you do not wish to BYO your lunch.
      For those attending the sessions in Warragul from 3 August a specially catered soup and sandwiches lunch will be available (approx. $10).
      If you have not yet registered for your sessions please register your club today.
      All clubs are strongly encouraged to send 3 participants to each of the 6 different sessions. You may choose to send different people to each session based on their role within your club.
      The sessions have been designed specifically for the needs of Victorian Bowls clubs so please register today at your nearest location.

      Bowls Games Series Part 3

      Golf Game
      A fun game for all those current and former golfers. All it takes is someone with a little ingenuity to lay out a course. This can be done with Cones, Hoops, or whatever items you can use to lay out a simple course. The BV website has full details on this so click here. Each player has 1 bowl and 1 jack. Start from the Mat (TEE) and take it in turns to roll your jack then bowl to the jack trying to avoid the obstacles. Wherever your bowl ends that is where you will next bowl from. All you need do then is count the number of deliveries it takes to complete the hole.
      SCORING: 40 points for a win, 30 points for 4/5 rolls, 20 points for 6/7 rolls, 10 points for 8 or more.


      · Accuracy and length over shorter distances
      · Control of line and length with Jack and Bowl
      · Using the mat for different shots
      · Tactics and planning

      · Mat (Tee)
      · Hoops (sand bunker)
      · Flap Jack
      · Cones (Trees)

      · Get the players to get into the “Swing of things” by designing their own course over a full Green to create a multi-hole course.
      · Increase the difficulty after each hole has been played
      · Add additional obstacles such as hurdles
      · Design hole close to ditches, now you have the drill.

      For full details go to the link, or contact Scott Nicholas at scottn@bowlsvic.org.au
      Look again next week for another game in the series of FUN BOWLS.

      Some clubs use these short fun events to create interest at Coaching, with Social members or outside groups e.g. the local footy club with a break from their normal training, TRY Bowls days and even Sponsor days. KEEP HAVING FUN IN BOWLS.

      Coaching News: Coaching Re-Accreditation – Time Credit for Special Circumstances

      Following on from last week’s advice of the Coaching Amnesty for all Accredited Coaches who are requiring re-accreditation for expired Coaching Accreditations, the message out there is that they have until 31 December 2014 to apply for re-accreditation under this provision. Further to this, and with regards to Coaches seeking to re-accredit who may be facing difficulties in obtaining required hours for re-accrediting purposes, you may wish to seek assistance via the BV Coaching and Coach Development Committee.
      Coaches seeking reaccreditation that have less than the 200 hours undertaken may qualify for dispensation in certain circumstances. It will require a very solid reason e.g. they may have been sidelined through illness for a prolonged period or some other valid reason. Coaches who feel they may fit this category can apply to the Chairman of the BV Coaching & Coach Development Committee for special circumstances dispensation from the 200 hour rule. Written Support from their Club and or Division/Region is required and should be addressed to Chairman of Bowls Victoria’s Coaching and Coach Development Committee Graham Howard who can be contacted via email ongrahamadsl@bigpond.com
      Further to this, Bowls Victoria is offering an incentive to all those individual coaches seeking re-accreditation to do so as soon as possible and be eligible to have $10.00 of their re-accreditation fee refunded back to their club.Re-Accreditation applications must be submitted in the normal manner outlined here and if there are Coaches seeking assistance with this process or they have any other queries in regards to Coaching Issues, please contact Scott Nicholas at BV scottn@bowlsvic.org.au for further help or advice.

      Membership Information – BV Affiliation Passport

      Feedback from members regarding the direct email contact BV conducted two weeks ago providing opportunities for members to obtain first-hand information that highlights the value of affiliation through the State body and what benefits exist from their being an affiliated member of the association at this level has been very positive. and its supporting mechanisms via National and International bodies.
      The Bowls Affiliation Passport exhibits a number of items that are available through this process and if you haven’t viewed it yet, or you’re wondering what it’s all about because you’ve heard someone talking about it, then click hereto find out more.

      Arm Bowlers – Early Bird Events & Coaching Schedule for Season 2014/2015

      Bowls Victoria is pleased to announce that eleven clubs from Regional and Metropolitan Victoria have committed to run Arm Bowling Events again this season. This comes on the back of an outstanding events season just gone culminating in Victoria’s success in winning the Inaugural National Arm Bowling Title last year. Bowls Victoria Chief Executive Graeme Bridge enthusiastically stated, “ We are very pleased with the response from Clubs and excited about the growth in this aspect of our Sport. We will have a very busy Bowlers Arm Tournament Season again this year”.

      Any Club intending to run a Bowling Arm Event that is not listed in the Early Bird list should contact BV Director Phil Gude and advise the DETAILS BY 31ST JULY contact EMAIL philgude@optusnet.com.au for inclusion in a later promotion. Phil Gude who coordinates these events and the State Bowlers Arm Coaching said “there is little doubt these events coupled with our Coaching days have raised the standard in Victoria. This has been reflected in the higher standard of player available for State selection. We must keep up the effort to match the other States who are also progressing well. “Exciting news on the National front is that Queensland look certain to come into the Nationals next year.”
      “We will be running three Arm Coaching days again this season at Shepparton, Ballarat and Geelong with a possible further day to be announced.
      Vote of Thanks - “Bowls Victoria’s support of Arm Bowling Events our Coaching days and the State Side is not matched by any other State Association and it is clearly making a difference.”
      Graeme Bridge summed up the situation by stating “ The thing that pleases us most is that this development keeps players in the game longer, gives those with disabilities the opportunity to compete favourably with able bodied players and fully meets the high inclusive standards Bowls Victoria aspires to.”
      Bowling Arm events and Coaching Days are listed here.

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