• Issue 193 -22 August 2014

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      Issue 193 – 22 August 2014

      Bowls Victoria Regulations for Attire 2014-2015

      Some minor alterations have been made to the Bowls Victoria Regulations for Attire for 2014-2015 to clarify matters regarding headwear and footwear. Please click on the link to make yourself aware of these changes.

      Bowls Victoria Election of Directors

      Voting has now closed for the two positions of female Directors to the Board of Bowls Victoria. Votes will be counted on Tuesday, 26 August and the result of the Election declared on Wednesday, 27 August.

      Focus Group

      Four Focus Group sessions have been completed with the remaining sessions to take place next week at Morwell, Mordialloc and Fawkner. There are still some vacancies available for clubs to register to attend the 6.30 pm session at Fawkner Bowls Club on Thursday, 28 August. Should your club be interested please click on thelink to register.
      Thank you to those clubs who have participated and provided valuable feedback.

      Update your Club Details in the BV Club Guide - Last Opportunity

      From early July onwards we have been requesting Clubs send in up-to-date details by August 8th in order for Bowls Victoria to produce its Annual Club Guide. As of today we have received 274 of 525 club returns.

      To minimize clubs sending in their details multiple times, those who have sent in their club information have been listed here. We request that clubs who have not done so to please take a small amount of time to fill in our survey listing office holders and information about their club.

      We appreciate that many clubs are efficient and inform us of their up-to-date information but ask that they please still fill in this form as it allows us to collate the relevant information in an efficient way.

      Please ensure if your club has not already submitted this information to do so by Wednesday 27th of August so the Club Guide does not go to print with old information which we suspect will not be appreciated by outgoing office holders.

      The link to the survey is here – please fill it in as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance.

      Breaking News - Region & Division Insurance

      Bowls Victoria has had many enquiries from Regions and Divisions seeking advice on what Insurances they need, how much will it cost and where should we go to arrange the cover. In response BV has contacted our appointed Insurance brokers Marsh McLennan who have sourced a price effective comprehensive package that will cover the Liability and Voluntary Workers Insurance need for Bowls Regions and Divisions. This comprehensive package will cost $1336.50 per annum including all charges and taxes.
      As a sporting Controlling Body, various clubs may rely on you (Regions or Divisions) for advice and services. These clubs may claim that you have you have breached your duty to them and may make a claim against you for negligence. These includes claims against you Region or Division even when you have not breeched your duty of care - defence costs will still arise, which can often costs thousands of dollars. It is really important to know and understand your legal obligations under Section 34 of both the BV Region & Division Constitution not to mention the mandatory requirements of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.
      For more information on this offer please click this link.

      Metro Bowlers Arm Coaching Day Information

      Coaching day Preston Reservoir BC New contact number
      Arm Coaching Day at Preston Reservoir Bowls Club has a new registration Phone number. 0417 036 044 or you can email Ted Golledge at Email emandpop@gmail.com
      Players are already registering so don’t miss out get you name in for this great day. You will learn from three members of the State Bowlers Arm Side who are Coaches, Barry Atkins, Mike Scotter and AJ Parker, Also a former State Player guest speaker is being organised to give a few tips on bowling at competition level. It will be a great day.
      Date: Sunday 14th December
      Venue: Preston/ Reservoir Bowls Club Inc 75 Leamington Street Reservoir 3073 (Nth of the Lake)
      Contact: Ted Golledge Email: emandpop@gmail.com Mobile: 0417 036 044
      Time: 10.30 AM registration Refreshment: BBQ Lunch, Tea and Coffee provided
      Fee: $10 all inclusive

      Vermont South BC to host Arm Bowler Challenge

      On Sunday the 24th August Vermont South BC are hosting a Bowlers Arm Challenge match between the State Arm Squad and a Lachlan Tighe led Invitation Side.
      Vermont South CCO Keith Horlock said, “Visitors are always welcome at Vermont South BC and anyone interested in Arm Bowling should consider a day out next Sunday and witness some excellent Arm Bowling as the State Squad tune up for the National Titles at Beresfield Newcastle in a few weeks’ time”. Play will commence at 10.30 and run all day with teams playing Fours, Triples, Pairs and Singles. “Hope to see you at Vermont South BC “he said.

      9th Pan Pacific Masters Games 1-9 November 2014 on the Gold Coast

      The 9th Pan Pacific Masters Games will be held from 1 to 9 November 2014 on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
      More than 12,000 participants from Queensland, interstate and overseas are expected to converge on one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations to compete in one of Australia’s premier multi-sport events.
      Participants compete in their age group with no qualifying standards or times to enter. The only criterion for entry is a minimum age for each sport.
      All sports are located in close proximity to the Games Village at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach which becomes an exclusive hub for competitors.
      The event is a celebration of masters’ sport with both fierce and friendly competition including a jam-packed entertainment program at the Games Village each night.
      The Games Village will feature the registration center, merchandise, live night time entertainment, fully catered hospitality and a place for all participants to meet up and enjoy the spirit the event is known for.
      More information may be found at: http://mastersgames.com.au/

      2014 Bowls Victoria International Day

      The 41st Bowls Victoria International Day will be conducted on Sunday 16 November 2014 at Mulgrave Country Club, cnr Welling & Jells Road Wheelers Hill 3150. The venue is easily accessible off the Monash Freeway for those coming from the other side of Melbourne or regional Victoria.
      The entry fee is $100 per team ($25 per player), this cost covers morning tea, lunch, green fees and other associated costs. The field is limited to 42 teams which may be male, female, mixed or single. Players may wear their traditional countries dress as the BA Logo policy is relaxed for this day. Side are encouraged to enter sides from their country of origin or ancestry. Entries forms are in the next edition of THE SHOT or may be downloaded from the BV website – for further information please call BV on 9861 7100 or email Ian Capp at cappys@ozemail.com.au.

      Bowls Victoria 2014/2015 Rules for Competition

      The new version of the BV Rules for Competition has been released and is available for download, many common-sense amendments have been made by the BV Laws & Rules Committee with the cooperation of the BV Umpires Committee. A brief summary of the major changes are:

      • Rule 1C(v)/Page 2 – Electronic Cigarettes are now prohibited in Victoria and have been inserted in the smoking BV smoking rule. In Victoria it is illegal to manufacture, sell, supply purchase or otherwise obtain, possess or use an electronic cigarette or cartridge. Refer:http://docs.health.vic.gov.au/docs/doc/Electronic-cigarettes-containing-nicotine-are-prohibited-in-Victoria
      • Rule 1C (vi)/Page 3 – definition of sound device updated to include new technology devices
      • Rule 1E/Page 4 – Protection is now extended to include those selected to officiate at higher graded events as well as players.
      • Rule 5A/Page 7 – In paragraph two a new last sentence has been added to clearly define the use of dump mats in relation to ground sheets
      • Rule 8C/Page 12 – Metropolitan Pennant definition of Divisions changed to Competition Numbers to clearly describe the nature of the Competition – we need to move away from the specific Division description as this had to be altered each year depending on the number of sides entered.
      • Rule 8C(i)(a)/Page 13 – reference to medallions removed as this is not a Rule.
      • Rule 8C(i)(b)/Page 13 – reference to the geographic north/south split for Division 1 Saturday is removed to make Division 1 back to a true open draw after many requests to the BV Metro Pennant Committee
      • Rule 8C(vi)/Page 14 – reference to plaques and medallions removed as it is not a rule
      • Rule 8C(vii)/Page 15 new Rule added to clearly describe Midweek Competition 2
      • Rule 8C (viii)/Page 16 - new Rule added to clearly describe Midweek Competition 3 & 4
      • Rule 10A/Page 18 – new last sentence added for clarification
      • Rule 10E/Page 19 – complete overhaul of the BV heat Rule, common-sense amendments to now stop the game at any time if the BOM temperature reaches 36 deg C, and the game can be abandoned by mutual agreement of the Side Managers if a resumption of play is unlikely. Temperature MUST be checked on the phone on 1196 and not new smart phone application as they have a long time delay in updating and are not to be used
      • Rule 10E(j)/Page 22 – new Rule that allows Side Managers to abandon the game by mutual agreement if due to inclement weather a resumption is unlikely
      • Rule 11(A)(i)/Page 22 – option included to make provision for submitting Pennant results online (Bowls Connect).
      • Rule 12(iii)/Page 23 – new last sentence added to report sub-standard greens to BV
      • Rule 13C(v)/Page 25 – last sentence deleted where it prevented the last 2 sectional play games counting for post sectional eligibility. All games in Sectional play now count towards qualification for post sectional play
      • Rule 14A(iii)/Page 25 – new rule added to clarify the point that if you start off in Pennant with a three playing a four and the missing member turns up they cannot joint the team. This has always been the case but needed clarification in the Rules.
      • Rule 14J(ii)/Page 27 – reference to resuming the game next day at 9:30 is deleted and altered to leave it up the Controlling Body to decide.
      • Rule 16/Page 28 – this was previously an Appendix but is now included as a Rule to ensure consistency in the manner clubs conduct events in their club, it was always argued by members it was guidelines only and clubs did not have to comply which created angst in clubs in the manner some players were favoured/handicapped and the way they were entered on the scorecard at the start (handicaps must be played off before commencing to score). Old Rule 16 re-numbered Rule 17
      • Appendix A/Page 30 – new BOM Station included for Palm Lakes Resort Truganina
      • INDEX/Page 33 – major review of Index with Page numbers now included for easier access

      BV Bulletin Recipients’ now Exceeds 11,000

      BV is delighted with the network of bowlers who have signed up for the weekly informative Bulletin, there are now in excess of 11,000 recipients’ and many more signing up each day, spread the word at you club as this service is free from BV. In coming editions we will have articles of the BV Fast Track Program for Women, Umpires and Laws and Rule articles – all to keep you better informed, get all your club members signed up for the free Bulletin and stay informed.

      Any comments/questions: please email to Bowls Victoria c/o
      For further information on Bowls Victoria, please regularly go to
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      1. Budda's Avatar
        Budda -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Editor Click here to enlarge
        I am very interested to find out how Bowls Victoria can tell us it is illegal to possess or use an electronic cigarette. I can understand potentially nicotine filled, but then again why is the E-Cig a problem, as compared to real tobacco. Real tobacco contains more harmful toxins, smells worse to the non smoker, yet Bowls Vic says it illegal to even own one?
        I wish they would Please explain

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      1. noddy's Avatar
        noddy -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Budda Click here to enlarge
        I am very interested to find out how Bowls Victoria can tell us it is illegal to possess or use an electronic cigarette. I can understand potentially nicotine filled, but then again why is the E-Cig a problem, as compared to real tobacco. Real tobacco contains more harmful toxins, smells worse to the non smoker, yet Bowls Vic says it illegal to even own one?
        I wish they would Please explain
        It is the Vic Government ruling. See link : http://sitedesq.imgstg.com/clubscrip...D-17359D13ACE1

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      1. Budda's Avatar
        Budda -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by noddy Click here to enlarge
        It is the Vic Government ruling. See link : http://sitedesq.imgstg.com/clubscrip...D-17359D13ACE1
        So it mentions about them containing Nicotine, but elsewhere on the Bowls Vic site it says even possessing one of them. I have Nicotine free juices for it, but i am fearful for turning up over there with one in my possession under the current reading. As i will gladly stand back on the bank and smoke the other filthy things, which seems to still be legal instead if needed

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