• Violence on the Green

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      Piss Head Attacks The President.

      There’s a club in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs whose President has been attacked- punched by two disgruntled members in the space of two years.

      I was recently witness to the second attack. A Tyson like knock out punch which reverberated to the other end of the green.

      He hit the concrete with a terrifying thud.

      It could have turned out so much uglier. What with the Victorian Government going to introduce harsher mandatory sentencing for One Punch Attacks the perpetrator was lucky to get away with the club imposing a 5 year ban.

      It was kept in house- the police weren’t called in.

      I wrote a piece called Aggro Middle Aged Blokes in Bowls a few months ago.


      However I have to say that the perpetrator in this case isn’t an aggro type in my experiences. I’ve bowled with him on several occasions and he’s never displayed any aggro- nasty traits on the green.

      He’s been a happy drinker whenever I’ve visited, hence the reason I was shocked when I saw him floor his President.
      I was a member at St Kilda when the then President was attacked by a disgruntled fellow board member.

      But for memory it was more a slap than a punch.

      This President out West was well and truly KO’d.

      Drinking and bowls are intrinsically linked at certain clubs. It’s part of the culture and drinkers are invariably attracted to those clubs where ‘pissing on’ is the norm as opposed to just tolerated.

      The President was castigating- nagging our disgruntled member about his drinking.

      I recall when the new coach walked into this same club suggesting that “ Drinking during pennant matches would now be banned.”

      ‘Tyson’ - the perpetrator gave him a filthy look and answered, “ I’m ****ing out of here bro.”
      Well he’s ‘out of there’ now.... but for another reason entirely.

      I was told he appealed his 5 year ban and the ‘sentence’ has been reduced to 2 years. I suspect his punishment wouldn’t have been so lenient if the police would have got involved !

      I’d liken him to a diamond in the rough, in fact this club has a few of these types.
      Anyhow, any nominations for President !

      Flem Kenn, one of those clubs where drinking forms part of the ‘culture’ .
      Bob likes a drink. When he was a member at Princes Park many a bare foot bowler running across the green invariably got him worked up. But he never attacked any of them !

      We only have one piss head at Princes Park…..and it's not the bloke on the left. Giulio the father drives him home before he gets carried away. Anyhow Paul’s a happy drunk… just a lot of bravado, bluster and chest thumping !

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