• BV Bulletin No. 196 - 12 September 2014

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      Issue 196 – 12 September 2014

      Annual General Meeting

      An advisory to all Club Delegates and persons attending the Bowls Victoria Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 17 September 2014, commencing at 1.00pm at the Hawthorn Town Hall. At the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting their will be an open forum to discuss issues that attendees may wish to raise.

      Opening Soon: VicHealth’s Active Club Grants 2014-15 - Round One

      The VicHealth Active Club Grants recognise the important role local clubs/organisations play in increasing physical activity and helping communities stay connected. To create greater opportunities for clubs to access Active Club Grants, VicHealth will run two rounds of funding, opening 15 September 2014 (closing 10 October 2014) and again in January 2015.
      Grants of up to $3,000 are on offer to community sport and active recreation clubs across Victoria to assist with the purchase of:
      • sports injury prevention and management equipment
      • essential sporting equipment/items.

      Important information:
      • Priority will be given to applications from clubs/organisations who can demonstrate that an Active Club Grant will increase opportunities for regular physical activity in their community.
      • All clubs submitting an application must agree to the funding guidelines and terms and conditions as set out in the program guidelines.
      • The new program guidelines and a promotional video will be available on the VicHealth Active Club Grants website in the coming days.
      • All sporting clubs and active recreation organisations across Victoria are encouraged to apply.
      • Clubs who do not hold an incorporated status can apply but must include written consent through an auspice agreement with a state sporting association.
      • Printed program guidelines and application forms can be made available to clubs that do not have internet access.

      For further enquiries please feel free to contact after 15 September – Brenton Mendes, Project Officer, Physical Activity, Sport and Healthy Eating onbmendes@vichealth.vic.gov.au or 9667 1380.

      Single Gender Championship Events

      Click here to go to the online survey and register your opinions in relation to the continuation of single gender championship events. Survey closes Friday 19 September 2014 and it will be shut down at COB on this day.

      Salute Harker the Inventor

      Bowls Victoria director Phil Gude who is the Co-ordinator of Victoria's Arm Bowling Events met with 99 year old Trevor Harker, the inventor of the Bowlers Arm at Portarlington BC to say thank you for his incredible invention. Accompanying Phil Gude were two members of this year’s Representative State Bowler’s Arm Side, Adele Ryan from Ocean Grove and Tony Long from St. Leonards.
      Phil Gude stated "that with Victoria winning the National Bowlers Arm Sides Title last year I thought it would be great for our near centurion to see what all the fuss is about." The three trophies won at last year’s event staged at Corowa Civic BC were put on display for Trevor to view and Phil presented Trevor his own personal Victorian State Cap worn in that event as a mark of respect to the man that virtually started the Bowling Arm concept.
      Phil went on to say, "Many may claim credit for Arm bowling developments, but in truth it all goes back to the ingenuity of a shearer, Trevor Harker who just wanted to help a mate."
      Victoria has in excess of 3000 players registered to use a Bowlers Arm and there are over 8000 in use Australia wide, thanks to the innovation of Trevor Harker who designed the Bowlers Arm some 42 years ago in 1972.
      There are currently three different Bowlers Arm types approved by Bowls Australia for use in Australia.
      Bowls Victoria are strong supporters of the Bowlers Arm as it keeps people playing at a competitive level even after injury or the dent of age creeps up. Adele Ryan and Tony Long said, "It is a privilege to meet Trevor and we thank him for his innovation."
      The three State players said they would do their best to defend the National Title being conducted at Beresfield BC Newcastle, NSW next week, commencing Monday 15 and finishing on Wednesday 17 September. Details of the team’s passage through the championship will be available on the Bowls Victoria website each day.
      Bowls Victoria Chief Executive Graeme Bridge commented, "September is finals time for a number of sports in Victoria and here we have our first representative team heading off to defend their title with high hopes that the Armed Vic Side can go back to back in the National Bowlers Arm Sides Championship. Bowls Victoria is delighted with the expansion of Arm Bowling and the opportunities it provides to keep people active in the sport. This season there will be four Coaching days, three of which will be conducted in Country Victoria and 13 Arm Event Tournaments, with details for all which can be accessed on the Bowls Victoria website."
      Further to this Graeme Bridge stated, "Expectation is building as we progress toward another Pennant Season and it is great to see that there will be many players with injury or disability able to continue to participate favourably with able bodied competitors by their use of a bowlers arm. The advent of the Bowlers Arm has certainly provided people with an opportunity to compete and participate longer in the sport and it has also contributed to keeping participants actively engaged and enjoying a sporting activity.”

      BV Pennant Permits now EXPIRE on 30 June each year

      Affiliated Members will be aware of the Pennant Permit process that has been in place since the inception of Bowls Victoria, up to this point Pennant Permits had no expiry date which enabled for them to be used season after season. The BV Board at its recent meeting have changed regulation 18 and now all BV Pennant Permits will now expire on 30 June each year due to the changing nature of sides entered in the BV Pennant Competition, if a player wishes to continue playing at a club other than the one they are identified with a new BV Pennant Permit will be required prior to the start of each season.
      All BV Pennant Permits issued since inception of this process by BV will all expire on 30 June 2015, the onus will be on the club receiving the Permit to check that it is current and valid.
      The new regulation 18 states:


      (a) An Affiliated Member of BV may play in a mid-week pennant competition or Saturday pennant competition for a Club other than the member’s Nominated Club provided they are a full member of the other club and provided that:
      (i) the Affiliated Member’s Nominated Club does not participate in the relevant pennant competition, and
      (ii) both Clubs involved consent by completing and submitting the appropriate form to BV or the relevant Region or Division Association, for approval.
      For the avoidance of doubt, mid-week pennant includes all scheduled Metropolitan, Region or Division pennant games played on the same day (currently in the metropolitan area women’s twelve (12) and eight (8) a side and open twelve (12) and eight (8) a side played on Tuesday).
      (b) Pennant Permits are only valid for the season they are issued and will expire on 30 June each year.
      (c) Players wishing to play for another Club under the provisions of Regulation 18 must complete a new application annually and submit to BV with the appropriate fee.
      (d) A Pennant Permit provided under Regulation 18 automatically lapses if the Player is Cleared to another Club during the currency of the Permit. A Player seeking a Pennant Permit to play with a new Club under the provisions of Regulation 18 must obtain a Clearance from their previous Club.
      (e) Players who are Cleared must reapply for a new Permit if they still require playing for another Club other than their Identified Club under the conditions of Regulation 18.
      (f) A Bowler who is affiliated with another State or Territory Association who wishes to register with a Victorian Club for the purpose of playing pennant should complete the current Bowls Australia “Interstate Pennant Declaration” form

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