• Kamikaze Skips

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      Kamikaze Skips
      Giving the game away before roll up.
      It’s the first game of the new pennant season. Your team won a flag last season and you’ve gone up a division. You’d think your skip would be preparing himself for the challenges of a higher division accordingly. Or at the very least rocking up to the club for a practice during the week.

      Not going out and getting pissed the night before and coming home at 5.00 in the morning.
      Not deciding to use a set of unfamiliar- ‘new’ bowls he’s never EVER tried or tested before.
      Not using kamikaze tactics, undermining- knocking out the head building bowls of his team mates.

      But then again Paul Soldatich isn’t your average or a so called rational skip.

      Only thick skinned bowlers survive his rinks- under his leadership.
      He’s been known to belittle team mates during matches with smart arse one liners like.
      “ I’d get more [closer bowls ] from a bare foot bowler than what I’m getting from you today.”
      The opposition on the adjoining rink were visibly taken aback during our match when I shouted out.
      “ It’s taken you 10 ends to put down a decent bowl you clown.”
      That was after he delivered a perfect ditch to ditch drive to take out their shot bowl.

      We ended up going down by 3 shots after giving them a scare and snatching a brief lead at around ‘3 Quarter Time’.
      I pulled him aside after the game and frankly told him.
      “ If you had used your ABT2000s we would have got up by 10 shots.”
      In his irrepressible way he retorted with a classic ‘Soldatichism’
      “ Yeah, we would have flogged them.”

      I’m looking forward to participating in a few Soldatich floggings this season watching those ABTs do their magic. Hopefully on Saturday afternoons when he doesn’t rock up to games with a belly full of piss and in a sleep deprived daze.
      I’ll gladly deputize as his 3rd and stomach the sometimes irrational kamikaze tactics.

      “ Who put that short shit there. I was on target to pick up the kitty and trail it back for 6.”

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