• MCC/Kew Match report Round 2

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      MCC-Kew Sports Club 17th October, 2014
      Premier Division Match Report
      Round 2, v Melbourne
      Sat 10th Oct., @ Union Street


      4-times ‘World Lawn Bowls Campion’ SAFUAN SAID, from Malaysia, joined the MCC-Kew Premier Division squad for the Round-2 match against last years finalist, Melbourne at Union Street, on their free running grass. (10/10)

      Safuan, was the first bowler in the world, to win both the indoor & outdoor ‘world-titles in the same year. And his bowls CV list of achievements covers 2 pages. This man can bowl, and he’s only 32..

      The Club will enjoy his participation, & what we can learn from his amazing skills. He will be actively involved in the clubs ‘School Program’ with Richard Gale, which has just re-commenced, after the refurbishment shut-down of the club.

      The round-2 match started gingerly for us, struggling to keep up with Melbourne’s aggressive style of play, & was trailing by 15-shots on the main board after 38 ends.

      It’s a long time since we’ve beaten a Melbourne team at Union Street, least of all their Premier Division top-side, who have won a couple of Premier Division Premierships since we were last playing at this level over 10 years ago.

      With no mid-match tea-break, the second half of the match proved to be the true test of our resolve & belief in ourselves, after the brilliant narrow win last week over reigning premiers Clayton.

      It was going to be a tough ask, but the rinks all toughened & tightened, refocused & headed for home with 3-rinks taking the 2-points, and the
      trailing rink coming from being smashed in the first half, to win the honours in the 2nd half-when it mattered, - which was enough to get MCC-Kew across the line by 3-shots. 79/76 & taking 16 points off Melbourne, who had expected the match to be a whitewash, & were left scratching their heads as the realisation of what just happened, sank in.

      It is a remarkable start to the new season in Premier Division, with MCC-Kew now having taken the scalps of the 2 leading clubs from last season, in our first 2 rounds.

      Round-3 sees the club take on Mentone at Barkers Road.

      A few match highlights;

      • Chris Ball trailing 1/16-down after 11-ends.
      • In the remaining 10 ends Chris Ball’s rink outscored Melbourne

      15/13 to hold the match together on the main board.

      • With only 2 or 3-shots difference on the main board & only 3 ends to

      play overall – Ray Jansen faced being 3-down on his last end, at the changeover, - then drew the shot to seal his 2-point rink win.

      • Garry Ball drew 2+ shots with his last 2 bowls on their 21st end, to

      score 3+, and help stop Melbourne’s late run.

      • Peter Pervaz skip’d superbly in having to save his rink on numerous

      ends when he was left facing shots-down at the changeover, - and he
      kept on delivering brilliant conversions to take his rink to a
      6-shot win, which could easily have gone the other way without his precise accuracy.

      • The hero of the days play was most certainly Chris Ball. In spite of some vital brilliance from the other rinks. Chris had to wear most of the score-board pressure throughout the day. Firstly, putting the main-board score in the red by trailing 1/16, - then winning his rinks 2nd half to score 15/13. A remarkable turn-around.

      The real test came when his rink had to play the last end of the match.
      (84th) The other 3-rinks had finished & were off the green, - all winners. The main-score-board showed MCC-Kew holding a narrow 3+ shot lead overall.
      Chris crossed over on his 21st end to face being 3-down at the head, - but then calmly drew the shot with his first bowl, but the Melbourne Skip (Brett Leighton) killed the end, driving the jack off the green. The replay of the 84th end saw Chris again left with 2-shots-down at the head when he crossed over to play his two last bowls of the day & under massive press again. Chris trails the Jack 1-metre & holds a tight 1+shot, and the match. The Melbourne skip fresh from driving to kill the previous end and with his confidence up & his last bowl in hand, fires again, but misses, & MCC-Kew take the 10 match points, & 6-more for the other 3 rink winners. Phew!!

      What a wonderful day for the Club, and what a wonderful end to the day for Chris Ball & his rink, after what had been a trying 4-hours, full of every emotion anyone can experience on a bowling green


      (S) Ray Jansen, - (3) Simon Clllett, - (2) Graeme Spry, - (L) Tris Doolan
      WON 22/16
      (S) Garry Ball, - (3) Safuan Said, - (2) Brad Imberger, - (L) Brian Wintrip
      WON 19/15
      (S) Chris Ball, - (3) Richard Kopcewicz, - (2) Angus MacIsaac, - (L) Eng Ang
      LOST 16/29
      (S) Peter Pervaz, - (3) Mick Pacholli, - (2) Tom Ristic, - (L) Aaron Van Haaften. WON 22/16

      MCC-Kew 79 defeated Melbourne 76. Points = 16/2. Rd-2 Premier-Div.

      Round-3. 18th Oct. v Mentone @ Barkers Road.

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