• MCC-Kew Sports Club Round-4 Match Report 1sts & 2nds Sat 24th October, 2014

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      The club’s combined (1sts & 2nds) visit to Bundoora-RSL on Sat (24/10) for Round 4, was not a happy outing for either team, who had both been undefeated after the first 3 pennant rounds, but were both out-played for their first season loss.

      The Premier Division match, played on the north lawn green, running approx
      14+ seconds was going to be a disciplined challenge of which team could maintain more accurate control the longest, with the least number of loose or wasted bowls.

      MCC-Kew looked capable early, holding a narrow 5-shot lead after 30-ends (33/28), but that’s when Bundoora emerged at their loudest, and took control of the main scoreboard for the rest of the afternoon, running away with the match points by 12-shots. (87/75)

      Whist we reduced the deficit to only 6-shots on the main board after 63 ends, we just could not reduce that gap, and Bundoora kept snapping back shots from heads that we had been holding.

      However, the match loss was not seen as gloom time - with us winning 2 of the rinks, and going home with 4-points, to hold the club in 2nd position on the Premier Division ladder.

      So no, the wheels didn’t fall off our fairytale winning ride. Quite the opposite!

      Two rinks each, and to lose by 12-shots is nothing to panic about.

      If we had known prior to the new Premier season that we’d be 3/1 after the first 4-rounds, we would have jumped at that.

      The match was tough and tight, with a few of our boys maybe just a whisker off their best, and, it was obvious that the Bundoora 16 were wound-up to make-up for their 2 losses from the first three rounds.

      Winning half the match rinks was a bonus, and importantly, the other 2-rinks
      didn’t collapse and chuck it in. They both fought it out to the last bowl - which was pleasing and a positive.

      Chris Ball’s rink had been trailing in the first half of their match-up, but powered home to win the 2-points 23/19.

      His dad, Garry, was the other rink winner, beating State rep Adam Galloway
      by 3-shots, (25/22) after trailing by 6-shots halfway through the match.

      Mick Pacholli took over as skip of the Peter Pervaz rink (who was unavailable), and held his own against some blistering form from his opposing nomadic skip, Brett Spurr, going down by 11-shots. (14/25) His rink just couldn’t hold the winning heads & battled hard to defend Brett Spurr’s blistering form.

      The Ray Jansen rink was in a low scoring duel for most of the match, but it was broken open by the opposition, with some dynamic conversions, and tighter heads by the Bundoora four at the business end of the match, which they subsequently lost by 8-shots (13/21)

      It was a disappointing loss overall, but there were enough positives to come out of the match, for the side to feel confident about their position as one of the 10-best clubs in the state playing at this elite Premier Division level.

      The loss to Bundoora came as a bit of a wake-up-call, when just maybe, there might have been a touch of ‘winning expectation’ creeping into the back of our minds before the start of play?

      As the great David Bryant (UK Legend) used to say. “I don’t ever go out to win a match - I go out to play the best I possibly can.”
      There’s a massive difference.

      The sides early form indicators, of being a likely finals contender after the next 14-rounds, will be put to the test, next week (round-5) playing 5th placed Brighton on their indoor blue carpet.

      It’s a surface not unfamiliar to us, and one on which MCC-Kew should adapt too immediately. A win would give MCC-Kew a 2-game-buffer between 2nd & 5th, and tighten the clubs hold on retaining their position in Premier Division. A loss would see both teams level at 3/2, and Brighton with the better percentage.

      The battle between the 2 sides will be a mental one, as both teams have the skills to match one another.

      The Teams & Rink Scores. Premier Division. Rd-4, 24/10/2014,

      MCC-Kew 75 lost to Bundoora-RSL 87 – Points 4/14

      (S) Ray Jansen, - (3) Simon Collett, - (2) Graeme Spry, - (L) Tris Doolan
      LOST 13/21

      (S) Garry Ball, - (3) Safuan Said, - (2) Brad Imberger, - (L) Brian Wintrip
      WON 25/22

      (S) Mick Pacholli, - (3) Tom Ristic, (2) Angus MacIsaac, - (L) Aaron Van Haaften LOST 14/25

      (S) Chris Ball, - (3) Richard Kopcewicz, - (2) Grant Pickering, - (L) Eng Ang
      WON 23/19

      Next Week. Round-5. Brighton B.C. Away.



      Bundoora has never been a happy hunting ground for our teams. So, with 3 first-up wins the two’s looked like a strong winning line-up.

      Dennis Parkes had come into the side as Gordon Unwin’s 3rd, after the late withdrawal of Neil Jewell due to a back injury.

      The middle match-green was 2-seconds slower than the top sides grass, but it played flat and honest, with the wind assisted side much wider, like a green running 2-3 seconds quicker.

      MCC-Kew struggled from the opening ends, and were always chasing Bundoora on the main scoreboard, until we grabbed the lead for the first time by 2+shots after 56-ends. It was nip& tuck for the next 10, where after 65 ends, we again had stolen back the lead by 3+shots. (61/58) But that’s when our vision of victory became clouded, and we only scored 4+more shots to 26-over the run home, to go down by 19-shots.

      Peter Scerri’s rink was the only winner to salvage 2-points from the wreck. (22/18)
      The performance by all 4 in the rink was evidence to what the side had been producing in the first 3 rounds of the season, but they were the only 4 to be able to hold their head high when walking off the green.

      The other 3 rinks were not totally outgunned, but it was evident that Bundoora
      were all putting more bowls into the head than MCC-Kew, and we were continuously under pressure to convert. They were dictating the game to us, - and not the other way round, as we’d been able to do in the first 3-rounds.

      Richard Gale’s rink was given a lesson over the first half & was trailing 3/12
      after 10-ends, but then bolted to the lead after 18-ends. (17/13)

      Sadly that spirited momentum just stopped over the final 3-ends, allowing Bundoora to rattle on the next 6 x unanswered shots, and Richard’s rink went down narrowly, 17/19.

      Gordon Unwin’s rink just couldn’t hold the opposition, who simply bolted away to take the points by 13-shots (11/24) They’d kept it tight up to the ½-way mark trailing only by 2-shots, but they couldn’t stop the Bundoora runaway train.

      Ron Makin’s rink was chasing the scoreboard all day, training 6/14 after 11-ends, and then put the rink into another gear to win the next 4-ends and close the gap to 11/14, - but when we needed a tight bowl in the head, we couldn’t deliver, and dropped a 4- on 16. The chase by then was out of reach,
      in spite of snatching 4-shots over 18 & 19, but we dropped another 2 x 2’s on the last 2-ends to go down 15/23.

      Ron’s 3rd, Colin Waddell, delivered another stylish & controlled performance under great pressure, for the 2nd week in a row, as the best in the rink., easily scoring another 7/10 as his consecutive match rating.

      There’s little doubt that if a window in the top-side opens, - Colin would be a sure fire replacement.

      Skip, Ron Makin, crossed over when holding shot, only 7-times over the 21 ends, with one of those taken off us, and he converted 4 x times when down on the crossover. MCC-Kew therefore won 10 of the 21 ends, but the match difference was the number of multiples scored by Bundoora = x 8, (20-shots) to multiples scored by MCC-Kew = x 3, (8-shots) “Game, Set & Match.”

      The Teams & Rink Scores. Rd-4. 2nds. Bundoora 84 d MCC-Kew 65. Points 2/16

      (S) Peter Scerri, - (3) Ivon Brewer, - (2) Rod Donaldson, - (L) Peter Lambert
      WON 22/18

      (S) Ron Makin, - (3) Colin Waddell, - (2) Geoff Mathers, - (L) Ray Runting
      LOST 15/23

      (S) Gordon Unwin, - (3) Dennis Parkes, - (2) John Joyce, - (L) Paul Wintrip
      LOST 11/24

      (S) Richard Gale, - (3) Mike Haigh, - (2) Phyl Major, - (L) Craig Anderson
      LOST 17/19

      Next Week. Round 5. 2nds v Hurstbridge. Away.
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