• MCC-Kew Match Reports. Rd-7. 1sts & 2nds.

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      A 3+shot win to MCC-Kew Premier Division side at Windy Hill on Saturday (15/11) gave the club its 5th win from 7-outings, & pushed it up the ladder one spot, into 3rd place.

      It’s been an outstanding start to the season, where initially, the Club was focused on just holding its place in Premier Division’s best top 8 teams in the state. (Bottom 2 x teams from the 10 x PD teams are relegated.)

      The boys & girl (Tristiana Doolan) are showing some genuine toughness under pressure, having won 3 of their 5 ten-pointers in ‘come-from-behind victories.

      Saturdays match against 6th placed Essendon was a wrestle from the opening ends, and the main-board lead was exchanged 6 or 7 times during the afternoon, until the 78th end, with 6-to-play. MCC-Kew led by 9+shots, the biggest lead by either side for the day & only 6-ends still to be played.

      By that stage, it looked like it was all over, & our side would confidently be heading back to Kew with the 10 points in the bag, after working so hard to wrestle the match back in our favour, and a big enough lead to have shut out any further Essendon challenge.

      But the Bombers hadn’t conceded, and were not going to let the match go without one last power-play over the final 6-ends.

      They adopted an adventurous “attack-at-all-cost” strategy to take every low percentage risk to try & blast their way back, - and they almost did!!

      In a remarkable last gasp desperate effort, Essendon took 6-shots off the Ray Jansen rink over his last 2-ends when he was leading 19/15, - and then finally going down by 2-shots. (19/21)

      Jansen’s opposing rink was considered the strongest, as it included two fly-in Tasmanian state representatives, so our rink had held their own with some distinction, only falling short by two-shots over the last 2-ends.

      Garry Ball’s rink was leading 15/13 when the Essendon skip played the absolute miracle shot of the day - & probably the season, to claim 5, after being 2-down. ‘Major-Ball’s’ rink had clawed back from trailing 6/13, then winning 6-ends on the trot to regain the lead. Garry then proceeded to tightly dead draw 2+more, when the Bomber skipper struck with his last to steal a 5, and they went down 16/20 after a monumental battle.

      Craig Mills won his rink points by one shot, against one of bowls toughest opponents in Anthony Flapper. It was a nip & tuck contest throughout the 21-ends, mixed with plenty of Flapper’s trade-mark aggression.

      The Chris Ball rink was simply outstanding, delivering a match-winning performance, - not the least of which was the game of his lead, Eng Ang, who played one of his best ever matches for the club, setting up most of the heads
      to put the Essendon rink under continuous pressure, - which they just couldn’t match.

      It was a brilliant performance too by Chris, in his first season as a top-side skip, winning the rink points 20/12 which kept the club win always in sight on the main score-board.

      MCC-Kew confidence is growing each week, knowing they can match it with most of the Premier Division teams. They have won come-from-behind matches enough times this season to prove it. Something we used to fail at achieving over the recent past seasons.

      The Teams & Rink Scores. Rd-7 MCC-Kew 74 d Essendon 71. Points 14/4

      (S) Ray Jansen, - (3) Grant Pickering, - (2) Graeme Spry, - (L) Tris Doolan
      LOST 19/21
      (S) Craig Mills, - (3) Simon Collett, - (2) Tom Ristic, - (L) Aaron Van Haaften
      WON 19/18
      (S) Chris Ball, - (3) Richard Kopcewicz, - (2) Brad Imberger, (L) Eng Ang
      WON 20/12
      (S) Garry Ball, - (3) Sauafan Said, (2) Mick Pacholli, - (L) Brian Wintrip
      LOST 16/20

      New Week. Round-8 v Altona @ Barkers Road.

      The Premier Division Ladder. After Round-7

      ALTONA 6 - 94*
      MELBOURNE 5 2 85
      MCC-KEW 5 2 80
      BRIGHTON 4 3 79

      BUNDOORA 3 4 59
      CLAYTON 3 4 55
      YARRA GLEN 3 4 53
      ESSENDON 2 5 51
      MENTONE 2 4 40*
      MOONEE PONDS 1 5 16

      NOTE: Altona v Mentone result for Rd-7 unknown & not included.


      3rd placed (MCC-Kew) versus 10th (last place Eltham ) was never anticipated as likely to be a tough match for MCC-Kew, and we were also wheeling out an even stronger side than in the opening rounds. The 2nds were strengthened with the addition of two Premier Division players. Angus MacIsaac coming down to us from the top-side, and Brad Chegwedden joining the club for his debut pennant match, having played with Moonee Ponds, & Richmond Union top sides over the recent past.

      But that’s not how it unfolded. We were in for a shock, and bottom of the ladder Eltham gave it to us.

      At no stage could we break clear of Eltham, and the biggest margin throughout the days play was 8+ which was reduced to only 3+ with 6-ends still to be played.

      We just couldn’t shake them off, and it was perplexing trying to understand how this side could only have managed one win from their 6-matches this season?

      The answer came at the tea break when they told us their selectors kept radically changing the side & rinks around every week. No one knew what position or in what team they’d be playing week to week, and they were totally unsettled as a result. Utterly criminal, based on the quality of play they were delivering in all positions right across the rinks.

      Fortunately, MCC-Kew had slightly better & more consistent players, just to maintain enough of the edge, but it was tough going.

      Richard Gales rink was the one to watch & holding the main board back, when he was trailing 8/18 after 14-ends & that grew to 11/23 with only one end to play, where they collected 3+shots to leave the green going down by 9-shots. 14/23. It was not to be his rinks day, as they were continually having their winning heads stolen, like on the 17th end, where they held 6+ when trailing 9/19, - and if they hold ‘em, they’re back to a respectable 15/19,
      but the Eltham skip dead drew the perfect conversion with his last bowl, & we dropped 1-.

      The Gale rink was the last to finish and playing the last end, (84th) where Eltham required 4-shots to draw the match on the main score-board.

      Craig Anderson, (lead) & Ivon Brewer (2) played their bowls short & too long, leaving us 2-down & an 8-foot draw gap, until Richard’s 3rd, (Angus MacIsaac)
      dead drew his two in tight, and the opportunity for Eltham to get 4-shots was gone, unless they could kill the end, which they didn’t, and MCC-Kew won the 10 match points with x 3 rink winners.

      MCC-Kew had led Eltham 47/39 going into the club-house for the tea-break after 45-ends, but then over the first 4 ends immediately on the return to the green we dropped a bundle on 3 of the 4 rinks. Peter Scerri dropped a 4, Richard Gale dropped a 3, and Ron Makin’s rink dropped 4-shots over the first 2-ends back. It looked ugly on the main board, and for the first time, we were trailing by a couple. It was both a shock and a wake-up-call, because we certainly realised it was not going to be a cake-walk to go home with the points against this side.

      Colin Waddell’s rink was the biggest winner with a 9+ result. (25/16) He had Brad Chegwedden as his 3rd, playing his first pennant match for the club, and the new combination worked efficiently, plus 2nd Paul Wintrip & Lead Rod Donaldson also displaying some consistent form.

      Peter Scerri’s rink got a bit of a fright after leading comfortably 17/9 (14-ends) and then having to fight off a late run by Eltham, to take the 2-rink-points 20/17 after Eltham had scored 8-shots to 3 in the run home.

      Ron Makin’s rink looked comfortable through the match, but could not stop
      Eltham from taking multiple numbers away from us that we were holding. MCC-Kew stretched the lead to 10+shots after 14-ends, but then Eltham chipped it away & we won the 2-points x 4-shots (22/18)

      It was a very solid team performance by the Makin rink, and it needed to be to win it.

      The Teams & Rink Scores. Rd-7 MCC-Kew 81 d Eltham 74. Points 16/2

      (S) Peter Scerri, - (3) Mike Haigh, - (2) Phyl Major, - (L) Peter Lambert
      WON 20/17

      (S) Richard Gale, - (3) Angus MacIsaac, - (2) Ivon Brewer, - (L) Craig Anderson LOST 14/23

      (S) Ron Makin, - (3) Gordon Unwin, - (2) Geoff Mathers, - (L) Ray Runting
      WON 22/18

      (S) Colin Waddell, - (3) Brad Chegwedden, - (2) Paul Wintrip, (L) Rod Donaldson WON 25/16

      NEXT WEEK. Round-8 v Ivanhoe @ Barkers Road.

      THE LADDER. TWO’s after Round-7

      ALPHINGTON 6 1 100
      DIAMOND CREEK 6 1 98
      MCC-KEW 6 1 95
      HURSTBRIDGE 4 3 75

      IVANHOE 4 3 70
      BUNDOORA RSL 3 4 56
      ROSANNA 3 4 54
      KINSBURY 1 6 34
      YARRA VALLEY 1 6 28
      ELTHAM 1 6 21


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