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Talking Tactically

June 2006 Coaching and Losing (column 189)

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Lachlan Tighe…..Talking tactically
Weekly coaching column

(column 189, June 2006 a view on bowls coaching)

Coaching and Losing

As Victorian state ladies coach, I was surprised at our national round robin results because the results were not typical of the form of this ‘spirited’ bunch of ladies.

Now the end begins.

We could sit and mope, cry, bleed, cut wrists, blame all around us, drink, or all of the above.

No, what we will do is look at what we did, what Queensland did as the ‘top dogs’ and set in train a long term approach to succeed.

It should involve input from all our ladies (they were the ones fighting the battle) and the future approach should be focused on being the nations best.

It might entail some of these statements / questions

· What were the set goals and game plans
· What did you do well compared to those goals / plans
· Why did we lose games
· What aspects of the strategy objectives did you fall down on
· Do any of these statements explain why you lost any games
· Experimenting with new training applications
· Difference in expectations from coach and others
· Experimented with positions for players for future reference
· Making choice on a players position not general play
· Player absence
· Reasons able to be viewed for a sub standard performance
· Attitude questionable- disinterested, negative, high error, hardly thinking v. thinking
· Fell short of the ‘team’ commitment
· What was your team / self strength & weakness
· Why else did you win / lose
· Team / rink meetings – what value did you get from those held during the game, after the game?

Whatever course it takes, I want our state ladies to remain proud. For I am proud of them, at all times.

And congrats to the Queensland ladies bowlers

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