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Talking Tactically

August 2006 Tiger's Tactical Travels (column 191)

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Lachlan Tighe…..Talking tactically

(column 191, August 2006 a view on bowls coaching)

Tiger’s Tactical Travels

My wife and I had the good fortune to be in Italy recently when they won the world soccer cup, and then, be in France in the final week of the Tour de France. Felt like a sporting tour.

Much is written and viewed globally about those sports. Generally since returning last week I have flicked over bowls websites and all I can glean is brief news snippets, and a bit too much self congratulation. Where are the sources of performance advice to we bowlers and coaches from the associations and their coaching committees.

As Victorian state coach I feel obligated to contribute hence the VLBA website includes this column. We need more from other associations throughout the sport for the benefit of both bowler and coach. No one said it was easy to write, it can be a chore. However it is an important part of the responsibility. I expect same from national and other state associations.

I am preparing to conduct seminars, workshops and training camps at levels from club to national over the next four months, so I shall share these topics with you on the web to include

Coaching commandments
spotting talent
sports science – a diet
dumb and dumber – experience
demarcation of roles cornerstones of success
which should arouse some interest.

After a two month break from writing, I have found my bowls diary commitments so full and busy, I thought a sharing of the topics might help assist you to determine your own level of commitment / success in your bowls life.

So here is topic one

Rugby, football and cricket have numerous good books with specific reference to views on good coaching. Many of our bowls associations, and clubs, are trying to push forward the value and role of the coach. In the fortnight since I have been back I have had four clubs share their forward approaches with me and it all looks good at their level. Well done !

Now if you are seeking one of the good coaches, ask yourself if they fit any of these pointers which I have read within numerous sports books
Ø The success of the coach relies on the success of the player and by what they achieve
Ø Coaching is giving
Ø Forget the scoreboard: though some administrators count medals and premierships and worry about their backs or personal embarrassment, as with other coaches I find it is more to do with the improvement level of the player over the period. Or it may be achievement compared to the goals and objectives we set him / her
Ø Perfect practice: that is the ideal, no doubt. One of the coaches I read about said perfect practice was a statement set in stone. He would not let bad practice go uncorrected. One of my limitations as a coach is that I tend to place responsibility back on the player to aspire to excellence, to meet their dreams…I then question whether they will reach that goal / dream if they allow bad practice to be a part of regular training. So my style will not suit everyone. That in itself is one factor to realize in yourself.
Ø Four %: I read it sometimes as a push and pull factor. In teams we have the best, the middle and the weakest groups. The best can only maximize their efforts. So we need to have them pull the weakest group closer to the top, while we coaches give a push up to this weakest group in the team. The top sporting teams are those that have all members working in tandem. I used 4% because there were 25 of us at the Victorian squad program and that was our equal contribution.
Ø Predictability: my comment needs to be read with next weeks article ‘Spotting Talent’ as there may be a differing view in that web article. However predictability in a team is due to perfect practice ensuring consistency. A player who is consistent and good has done the selector’s job. Selectors don’t pick teams, players pick themselves for the team. How ? Through consistently good / high level performance.

Next week I shall talk about “Spotting talent, competing naturally”

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