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Talking Tactically

October 2006 Making Sense of the (Psychological) Bowls Game (column 198)

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Lachlan Tighe…..Talking tactically
Weekly coaching column

(column 198, October 2006 a view on bowls coaching)

Making Sense of the (Psychological) Bowls Game

Jack Unmack shared his presentation notes with me after an Academy of Sport program where he had referred to a list called the ten commandments. This contact with Jack followed hot on the heels of a presentation from John Snell and Nat Mills, a sports scientist who touched on similar subjects in their presentation to the Montmorency club members. I have incorporated other topics to make up a list below of points which are all good stuff quite applicable to seminar and class room settings.

Question is where do we bowls coaches learn the practical application of all the book talk points.

As players move up the ranks they hear much of this stuff and certainly will at national levels. But where and when are they getting the familiarization for the terms out on the green to be ready if and when they hit their national level.

Although here in Australia we have an elite bowls program, it is not accessible like say any of the football codes which we can watch , read, and get programs on from their elite level to apply at the relevant local football level. Slowly, bowls may move down that path.

Righto, coach, in the meantime, how would you, or what would you, conduct in a bowls training session to apply these points as they occur in competition
Body language
Consistent standard
Decision making
Fitness for bowls
Game plans
Games analysis
Games sense
Ideal performance state – IPS
Imaginative programs
measuring training performance
Mentally calm
Mental toughness (being behind)
Physical relaxation
‘pb’ measures
Pre delivery routine
Self confidence / self talk
tactical skill development
Team spirit
Team oriented
Verbal language

That is one heck of a list of aspects for training bowls that will test all of us in striving to plan and conduct elite squad programs. As a state coach I can vouch we don’t have such resources at our finger tips. Basically I get my ideas from other good coaches, top players and other sports.

We as a group of coaches do good stuff at the elementary level. If you want to extend your skill level as a coach to get into coaching at a higher competitive level, bowls officials call it pathways in fancy talk, don’t just scratch your head, email or ring your relevant national or state bowls office to see if there is anything they can or will offer to share.

Make a move to improve (your coaching), you will enjoy the satisfaction.

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