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Talking Tactically

April 2007 How World champions prepare- Nardella going up a notch

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Lachlan Tighe…..Talking tactically
Weekly coaching column

(column 201, April 2007 a view on bowls coaching)
Web Column TACTICALLY TALKING How World champions prepare- Nardella going up a Notch

Though I stopped writing a coaching column last October 2006, I have to let you bowlers share the final thoughts discussions and preparation for Judy (Nardella) who last week won the world women's singles indoor title.

Lets remember this lady is mid fifties and thus still prepared to change to improve.

Lets remember this lady has had four previous attempts to win the coveted Aussie title.

Lets remember she is not an Aussie squad member and in fact beat a few Aussie squad members to win the Aussie title.
Lets remember this is her first attempt at an international level.
Lets remember that back here in Victoria she was not deemed good enough to represent her state, Victoria, in the Super League event last May.

Lets remember what you are like and what you have to do as a bowler wherever you are to contend with others who do not think you are that good.

Lets remember all the good coaches out there trying to help you bowlers be better.

Lets remember a lot of us are as keen as hell to be better so here I share our final session with Jude so you might feel there is hope for you to bowl better, despite everything.

The final Training session - References to all the lead up TRAINING programs
Comparisons to International Success Emphasise the standards

Firstly Jude recall those standards known for winning world womens title in NZ (my January report) and your standard against Karen's to win the Australian title (again January report) recall that great diagonal drill at Darebin a month ago where you scored 39/40 zone bowls, and recall and remember, do NOT dwell on the one bowl; everyone else does that. We don’t in 'Elbows'

Remember recent observations from competitions of YOUR performance including reactions

And all the Lessons provided in writing to you for each session ……….over the past months
Whatever you do as you enter the big event, recall these

Objective: plan to succeed to do your best


Assessing Technical skill knowledge

Jude, you have set out to have more skill rating records for the most of the 30 deliveries and not surprisingly your name is inserted the most into my table. Brilliant. Remember our squad has gold medallists and world title holders, so no mean feat on your part.

Mental Skills Inventory:

What great work you have done in this area. Remember the game is played for only 9% of the time you are out there, so, remain positive in the knowledge you have done more work than normally done to win.

Keep our meaning of the words '….collect the cheque' in your mind throughout.

And remember, how often did I say and write this, wherever your mind goes everything else follows.

TACTICAL skill knowledge & Game Plans

The first rule has to be a game plan for each event / opponent. No one plan may always apply. Forget other bowlers who poo poo game plans (that’s why they are not here for the title contest) and learn from elite athletes from other sports who value game planning.
Guideline to consider (you choose your own plan, Jude, remember you compete not me) but make sure you have one.

  • win each game by winning the majority of the ends (5/9) and sets (2/3)

  • contest at full maximum length as prime option now that the minimum is 23 metres as the difference from minimum to medium has been reduced by that 2m

  • the other length to excel at is the ultra minimum of 23m though that may be best to do throwing the jack to the 2m mark to ensure 23m end

  • Minimum of 2 bowls in ML head before doing anything fancy or desperate

  • Walk to the head after your third delivery every end

  • Return back to the mat CONFIDENT in the delivery you are about to execute

  • scorecard, use for segmenting each set into 3 end game analysis

  • aim to have as a minimum 6/ 12 deliveries each 3 ends within ML

  • Aim to have your first bowl in ML 6/9 ends per set, that’s your bonus shot

  • having jack delivery is an 11% advantage to use for the tactical mat benefit

  • the merit of setting the mat on the 2m mark (thinking hard, hardly thinking)opinion for me to soak and consider and apply to ‘Elbows’ or the state and national sides I coach(ed).

  • When holding shot avoid creating jack high / widen head options for the opponent>

  • Your last bowl is never your last bowl, it is always your first bowl

  • Maintain shots held by covering the back, blocking entry for opponent etc

  • losing ends, keep shots lost at very worst to 2 shots that end so the focus for your last delivery at times may be to reduce the losing score rather than an unrealistic attempt to win the end

  • Scout’s honour…be prepared (to alter the losing game plan to a new win plan)

Game Assumptions Jude I think you should aim to win 7/9 contests in the sectional play to ensure you are a quarter finalist. Winning 6 probably will be adequate but 7 confirms. All opponents are to be respected but my view is that Lina (obviously known to us as a fellow Elbows member), Kay from Scotland are the two strong players in your section. Val and Lorna are the apparent best two in the other section. I see you as a top 6 member of the contest. If you are that close in the ratings, on the day why not see yourself good enough to be in the grand final.

And from Games Analyses played here at Warilla examine
what you do well compared to the goals / plans and plans you set yourself Why did you win / lose

How could we improve on the performance you gave at the recent games?

What was the BEST aspect of your performance in the games?

Jude, we have done all I could do for you as a coach with our Elbows squad supporting, especially Rowan and 'Chicken Legs' contributing to your weekly training.

On behalf of us all we are so proud so whatever you do…Enjoy.. and thanks for the journey,

Lach April 2007

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    Great informative article. A great way to constructively analize where you are at with your bowls. Troy

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