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Nathan Savino

Winter bowls

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Handicap events and club championships will soon be in full swing at Queanbeyan. So As I'm in Victoria over the weekend I decided to check out some of the events Victorian clubs participate in. My grandad plays for the ky valley view bowls club and the events he has won or finished runner up over the years is pretty impressive.

1993/1994 A grade singles winner
1998/1999 Two bowl mixed singles winner
1998/1999 Pairs runners up
2000/2001 100 up singles runners up
2002/2003 Pairs runners up
2003/2004 Pairs runners up
2003/2004 100 up singles runners up
2005/2006 A grade singles winner
2006/2007 Pairs runners up
2006/2007 100 up singles winner
2007/2008 Pairs runners up
2008/2009 Pairs winner
2009/2010 A grade singles runner up

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