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Fabrizio Marsani

Tall Poppies Cut Down to Size

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Tall Poppies Cut Down to Size
Coming Undone in Finals
Why Bowls is a Beautiful Game
The beauty of bowls is that a Dad’s Army Ensemble of rinks have the capacity to get up and beat more fancied opponents and occasionally win flags. Princes Park won a Mid Week Open Pennant Division 2 flag much to the surprise of the division’s teams and more significantly Ourselves !
Lalor had been the stand out team through out the Home and Away season, having lost only one game to West Coburg. They’d created a bit of a stir in amongst the division because they’d fielded All Male combinations [ they hadn’t fielded a woman all season ]. And the general consensus was that they weren’t playing the game in the ‘right spirit’. Darebin had been a mid table team for most of the season [ having barely won more games than they’d lost, 9 wins to 8 losses ]. And they’d lost to Lalor on the last game of the season the previous week. They scraped into the finals only because West Coburg had lost to Essendon on the last game of the season. Lalor were expected to cruise into the Grand Final with their Saturday Division 1 Pennant Skips having ‘terrorized’ most opponents all season. On paper it looked like Darebin should have been on the receiving end of a good flogging.
Well Guess What ?
Lalor were beaten in their home advantage Semi Final . The Darebin players told me that the Lalor boys were so stunned after the loss, that they walked straight to their cars and drove off home. They weren’t in the mood for a ‘post mortem’drink !
We’d booked our spot in the Grand Final by having beaten Essendon at Windy Hill. Essendon had had our measure, having held the 2nd spot on the ladder for most of the season and they beat uscomfortably when we’d previously played. There was a palpable
’How did we lose to this mob’ in amongst the Essendon ranks after we'd secured our place in the Grand Final .

This is my third season at Princes Park and I’ve been fortunate enough to play in a Grand Final winning side 3 years running. We’ve managed to dumbfound many a more fancied opponent in these recent years.
“How did you guys manage to pull this off ? ”
To think that we very nearly didn’t put in a team for this year’s competition.We’d lost 3 key players from the previous year’s squad [ 2 of them skips ]. And it looked as if we didn’t have enough members willing to commit to the Tuesday games. But our rag tag Dad’s Army managed to not only fly the flag ....but win it as well !

Santo Caruso, the club’s ‘Poly Fila’ President. Had a great season on the Green. But the Little Dictator’s management style is raising eyebrows around the club.He’s trying to run a bowls club the way Benito Mussolini ran fascist Italy in between the Wars. Il Duce’s legacy was having gotten the Italian Railway Network to run on time. Whereas Santo invariably arrives to pennant games late.

Giulio Soldatich skipped some crucial games during the season. His son Paul belittling his on green performances as only Pensioner Pennant. His father angrily cutting him down with.
"You idiot, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Some of those pensioner skips would beat you by 40 shots.” His stand out performance was getting up by 28 shots against Elsternwick Club in a sectional Semi Final at Ashburton.

Special Note- Paul didn’t play one game all season. But he managed to put away and avail himself of more Free Drinks than anyone else when the club put on a Grand Final Celebration.
Good One Paul
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