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taylor blueline

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can someone tell me the line of the blueline as compaired to srv and the henselite xg .thanks tombstone.

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  1. Budda's Avatar
    The Blueline is wider than both the SR and SRV, it amde it's debut at Darebin about 3 or 4 years ago in the hands of Lee Schraner, it would be a good bowl as it was on a sub 13 second green as darebin was in the early part of the week for Australian open etc.

    It wasn't a big seller but is a good bowl in my view. it was more a replacement for the Vector and Vector VS, so they bout the names into line, with the Blueline, Redline SR and Whiteline.

    Old version was Blueline - Vector VS
    Redline SR as it still was
    Whiteline replacement for the old XTL in a sense

    Hope this helps

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