I carelfully set my video last Saturday to record the first semi-final of the PBA World Championship. At least this time I recorded the correct channel, and neither my kids nor Wife over-rode my settings. Pity I didn't set the timing right though - I missed out on the last five minutes and so I don't know who won!

Enough of my woes and incompetencies.

Did anyone else notice that:

1. The mat was NOT given away. Considering that both of these (Aussie) bowlers invariably DO give the mat away, it looks like Law 18.4 ("... the winner of the previous scoring end should choose whether to ... tell the opposing player place the mat and deliver the jack and first bowl ...") was over-ridden by the c.o.p. for this competition - despite Law 17.1 specifically NOT permitting such an alteration.
I wonder why BA cannot similarly ignore this Law also.

2. The transportable carpet green (or, in this case, 'blue) was running at my calculatiom at a good 17 seconds. But - both bowlers were using bowls that you would normally associate with slow greens.
One bowler was using Taylor Ace bowls, and Steve was using Henselite Tiger bowls.
What happenned to bowls 'designed' for quick greens? The Premiers, Impacts, EXLs, Redlines, etc..
Obviously another c.o.p. that minimum bias bowls could not be used in this competition.