David Tebbet...Mr fair weather F@#*ing bowler...What a wuss...Blames his team...Bullsh1t...Kevin your lead was there playing & he agreed you're a fair weather wuss...Wait till I have a few more beers and tell everyone what you said in your text about QLD!!! :smile:

Wilksy, make sure the weathers good next week or he'll stay in his motel room with the heater on!!! :cool:

The sun was out and there was no wind, and Joe is a great bloke...Fancy arranging to meet one of your fellow forumites coming from Keilor making a special trip to play at Fitzroy and wussing out cause your tootsies are cold :twisted:

Un f@#%ing beleivable

Never mind, we still went and played with the other wonderful players at Fitzroy...Sonny, Dazzler, Dave, Jungle Jane and her mum, Kevvy, Ray and all the others...But no Tebbs...He had to stay at home and paint his toenails :smile:

Yours sincerely