Held again at the Queanbeyan Bowling Club, on the 19th and 20th Sept.

Selected ACT side:

Lead Second Third Skip
N. Power (Bel) G. Megee (Bel) I. Whybrow (WC) R. Tonkin (Bel)
M. Kelly (WC) J. McLennan (Qbn) W. Harmer (WC) T. McInnes (WC)
N. Dunn (SCW) G. Novinc (Bel) P. Watts (Bel) G. Charker (WC)
R. Craven (TV) D. Fitzpatrick (Bel) I. McLardie (Qbn) J. Bice (Bel)
D. Toole (Bel) D. Blair (Bel) R. Kyle (Nth) W. Watts (Bel)
M. Bateman (WC) D. Templeton (WDH) P. Daly (Qbn) P. Crowe (Qbn)

4 out of the 12 playing in the QLD series on the 13th and 14th Sept are available...Daly, Crowe, Fitzpatrick and Whybrow. The rest are unavailable due to PL commitments and personal reasons.

This will be a good test for us, especially after our Four rivers win!!