It was a great effort by the Warilla boys, I doubt if you would find a stronger Club side than the Helensvale 5. anywhere
in the world of bowls. Mark Casey, Brett Wilkie, Anthony Kiepe,Nathan Rice and last but not least Lindsey Armitage.
Our side of Jeremy Henry,Jesse Noronaha, Matt Seargent, Adam and Damon Jeffery played great through out the week
with Jeremy leading the way with 7 wins and 1 loss by 1 shot to Arron Sheriff. Bill Cornehls, Brett Wilkie, Steve Glasson
and Rob Wild were were some of Jeremy's singles opponents along the way.
I doubt that Jesse and Damon would have played in such a high profile Event and the final in particular would have
been a great experience for them.
Congratulations to Helensvale Bowling Club and Brett Wilkie on organising such a great Tournament. :get outa here: :get outa here: