From the moment I arrived in Esperance, I realised that pennant bowls was not held in the same degree of reverence as I had been used to seeing. Fair enough, I thought, because there were still plenty who felt as I did and we went on.

Now, however, the competition, itself, is virtually dead after 5 weeks.

The story so far ...

In June, Esperance, who have been fielding two teams in a four team competition for a number of years (at one stage, they fielded three) informed the league that, unless we reverted to teams of 3 rinks, instead of 4, we would be unlikely to be able to field 2 teams for the 2010-11 season. Since then, Esperance has copped nothing but criticism for any number of reasons. Lack of numbers then forced us to drop one side, which lead to an avalanche of "fringe players" making themselves unavailable suddenly, but quite understandably. Now, we can't fill one team!

Yet another appeal to the league resulted in no action, so at this stage, the "South East Coastal Bowling League" looks like consisting of two clubs, one of which that has been struggling to field 16 players in the 3 years that I've been here.

It's true that we have nearly 200 members, but the average age is probably around 70. As an example, when I left Clayton, I was one of the older farts. Now, I'm one of the younger blokes.

So, for some quite political reasons at times, it looks like pennant in Esperance is "kaput" for 2010-11, folks! :listen to me: :listen to me: :listen to me: :listen to me: