The club had their first event for 2011.

The Evans Family Twilight Bowls

A well attended event of 48 people :cheers: , which 24 of the participants were club members :get outa here: and the other 24 being people that have never or very little experience with lawn bowls :get outa here: . We played ten ends and were grouped as four's, 2 club bowlers and two novice bowlers in a team. It started with a bowl for cash :razz: (money on rink, closest ball wins the money), then we played one game and had a lovely meal put on by the ladies of the bowls club and then played a second game after dinner. All participants enjoyed themselves and had a fun time :mad: .

Clubs next events:

Jan 4+5: Ladies Championship Pairs
Jan 8+9: Mens ILRR South West Novice and Vets Championship