Thought I'd start up the new thread ready for the season.

Let's hear any news you have on team make-up, practice sessions, standard of greens etc.

Ossy Park had had to rip up a couple of greens because they were full of disease (ground pearl, I think). A green is back in action now. We changed it from tif to Santa Anna, and it's still a little slow as it beds in. C green has just been ripped up and laser levelled, and is due to be replanted on Wednesday. We've got cores from Wickepin club (tif again) to put in. Hopefully it will be back in service after the new year. B, D and E greens are as good as ever.

Just wondering if TWB is going to give pennants another chance. I hope he does, but I hope he gets in with a decent team who will look after him and put in a bit of effort. If you're out there, mate, let us know how you're going. And don't forget it's not too late to switch clubs if you don't think you'll be treated right at Sorrento. :mrgreen: