Gooday Guys,
i was just reading a few old posts, as you do, and noticed Dee Bee's post about Visitors.
We are very lucky here at Moore Park Bowls & Sports Club, Moore Park Beach, Qld.
I speak very highly of the, "Mostly Southern Tourists" who join us for 2-3 Months during their winter. Majority of these people have taken out FULL Membership with the Club.
Our 2 Excellent Turf Greens are used by them for roll-ups at no cost, they put their names in for Social Bowls AND use the Club like a Member should.
Friday arvo is "Caravan Park Bowls" organised by Helen Morton, one of the regular Campers,it is not unusual to have 40-50 Bowlers playing and they pack out the Dining Room Friday and Saturday Nights.
Whilst these Valued People are here, they also play Bowls in and around Bundaberg.
I feel that Bowls Clubs who have this "Southern Market" need to grab it with both hands , we have and we look forward to even more Visitors now that the Moore Park Beach Caravan Park and the Moore Park Beach Motel have NEW Managers.
Good Bowling,