The "2012-13 Bowls WA Draft Events Calendar" has now become "2012-13 Bowls WA Events Calendar" (although with the footnote proviso that "This Calendar is subject to change")

The Men's Saturday Pennant competition commences on 27 October (a week earlier than the 5 November of last season), and the Mid-week competition commences on Thursday 25 October (27 October last season).
The last games before Christmas will be Midweek round 9 on Thursday 20 December, and Saturday Round 10 (we play a double-header on 17 and 18 November) will be played on 22 December.

Only a two-week break for Saturday Pennant, which re-commences on 12 January (chops the stuffing out of taking the Kids too far for Christmas holidays).
Midweek Pennant re-commences on Thursday 17 January (so the Old Blokes get a four week break).

The last home-and-away Pennant games are scheduled for 14 March (Mid-week) and 16 March (Saturday).

Saturday finals are scheduled for 23 and 24 March (first and second semi-finals on the Saturday morning, preliminary final in the afternoon, and the grand final on Sunday afternoon).
Mid-week finals (same format) will be played 21 and 28 March.