How does your Club do its Handicapping?
Noticed these 'guidelines' from Bowls Victoria.
Has some merit ..rather than being left to Match Committee 'opinions'.
At least it is a starting point.

Handicaps for 100 up. (For 21 up, divide 100 up handicap by 2.5 and take to the next
whole number.)
Always take into account the bowler’s current form, Board Events record, ability and age,
and position in pennant sides.
Drop players’ handicaps each year if they have not won any Board Event or played
Pennant, according to their current form.
Winners of Singles Board Events – increase handicap by 2.
Runners-up of Singles Board Events – increase handicap by 1.
25 (10) Club Champion (current)
23 (9) Previous year’s Club Champion (drop by 2 each year if applicable)
22 (9) Winner of multiple Board Events
20 (8) Winner of, say, two Board Events
18 (7) B Grade Singles Champion, runner-up in Championship, and winners of
Board Events such as pairs and triples if appropriate
15 (6) Runner-up of B Grade Singles; experienced Division 1 Skips
12 (5) Winner of Handicap Board Events
10 (4) Division 1 pennant thirds, Division 2 pennant skips and players of similar
8 (3) Division 1 pennant leads and seconds, Division 2 pennant thirds and players
of similar ability
5 (2) Division 2 pennant leads and seconds, and players of similar ability
0 (0) Novice bowlers with less than two years’ experience.