Leaving aside best of albums (otherwise how could you beat Daddy's Coolest by Daddy Cool?) give your top three Australian albums.

Mine would be:

3. Fools Gold - Axiom
2. East - Cold Chisel
1. Days of Innocence - Moving Pictures

Great poetic imagery of life in Oz as imagined by Garry Frost (who went on to further success with 1927). My personal favourite is Bustin' Loose, but of course they will always be known for the great Australian anthem of What About Me? But the rest of the album is also fantastic. The sense of teenage aimlessness in Nothing To Lose, the desire to escape the mind-numbing dead end of life in The Angel And The Madman. The sheer emotion of Wings. If it doesn't grab your heart and twist it to to death, there's something wrong with you!