I just took the wife and 6 year old grand daughter to the Lynbrook Hotel for lunch in the sports bar. A guy in the sports bar was wearing a CFMEU t shirt and on the back it said "Bury Grollo" "Screw Baillieu" " F U C K Abbott". I complained to the manager and he said there was nothing they could do and if I didn't like it I should say something to the guy. Poor form in my book. So I approached the guy and told him that I found his shirt to be extremely offensive. His highly intelligent response was "tough shit". I politely pointed out to him that organizations like the CFMEU are sending this country down the drain. He chose to continue the debate by calling me every name under the sun. Then his fat slag of a wife joined the tirade of abuse. Luckily I had sent my wife and grand daughter to the car before I approached the scab as I had a fair idea his lack of a brain would instigate his response. And we wonder why all the car companies are pulling out and all the jobs are going off shore.

Then again, what would you expect from a bunch of scabs who punch horses during protests.