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Thread: Coach Tighe examines the guidelines for club team selection, Aug.11, 2014

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    Coach Tighe examines the guidelines for club team selection, Aug.11, 2014

    Bowls Club Selection Guidelines,

    "Attitude, all about practicing habits"

    Coach Lachlan Tighe, email mob 0409 532 953 H 9853 54971

    Selection committee


    Primary objective

    • To consider every player on their current merit
    • To pick the current committed &/or best players in pennant level order
    • club teams continually improve on the previous season performance
    • Each club team to perform at least equal to the previous year performance

    Secondary Objective

    • Strive for a club team to win a pennant premiership
    • planning, selection, training, coaching and club management all to assist the objectives
    • To have a consistent approach to selection
    • To use the coach(es) to meet our objective

    Guidelines considered to select players

    The Guideline for …continuation or inclusion …as a club pennant team member would include
    many of these factors below,
    - Current performance in pennant games
    - Current performance rating from your rink team debriefing
    - Current performance in recent major club championship events
    - Current acceptable performance in organised club selection trials
    - commitment by the players to the coach requirements of higher level bowls performance
    (measure bowls, game plans, complying with the position role, rink meetings, pennant team
    - commitment by the players to meet the specified technical skill levels
    - Commitment intensity & involvement of a player to club training
    - Commitment of player for skill development based on evaluation and analysis as recorded in
    their training, trials and competition (viz game plans, mental & tactical skills)
    - Debriefing Performance reports on players from selectors and coaches
    - capacity for improvement by any player to be part of the club success

    Rationale for positioning players in fours teams

    Being chosen in any club team of 16 is the only rationale for the player.
    Selectors, including the coaches, should be comfortable these players can play in any position,
    however, actual team positioning of players in the rink fours may well be based on such
    reasoning as
    - Specific, even superior skill, for any team position
    - Recent record of any players in certain positions
    - Team position vacancies
    - Perceived commitment to Team wherever a player is chosen
    - Perceived contribution of any player to team harmony

    Lachlan Tighe, website 1/8/2014
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