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Began bowling in 1980 at Edge Hills BC in Cairns. Only breaks were due to not living near a club. Bowled all over 'Oz, in New Zealand, Norfolk I, Singapore, Fiji and USA (Wash & Calif). Now living semi-retired in Las Vegas Nevada (USA)... and NO CLUB HERE Click here to enlarge. So, have started the daunting task to get a world-class club built here! At present, we have to travel overnight to get a game of bowls...and they usually only play 12-end games! Click here to enlarge... and no licensed clubhouse! Click here to enlarge The more we travel, the more we realize that the BEST BOWLS CLUBS IN THE WORLD ARE IN AUSTRALIA!! Click here to enlarge
BowlsLasVegas can you get a move on getting a world class club built in Vegas as I will be there in May... Surely 6 months is enough time in Vegas!!!