Well, the dinosaurs have got their way. The two greatest rules in Bowls are still in force:

1. We've always done it this way, so we can't possibly do it any other way.
2. We've never done it before, so we can't possibly do it now.

All the skips who bleated about "having too much to do" can hand the cards back to their seconds on 1st January. I expect never to see these people playing ANY games of pairs or triples in future. If they can't handle the responsibility of writing a couple of numbers on a piece of cardboard in a fours game, how can they do it in the other forms of the game?

Personally, it doesn't really worry me either way. If anything made a difference, it was that the third was at least forced to let his skip know the score. So many times in the past I was left standing at the other end saying, "Well, what happened? What was the score?" But I certainly never understood the complaints. "We've got too much to think about as it is," they say. Rubbish! While you're standing there waiting for the jack to roll to your feet, you write the score down, while your opponent adjusts the scoreboard. What's so bloody hard about it?

The sad fact is simply that people don't like change. If the old fogies who whinged about this so much had their way, we'd still be living in caves banging rocks together.

I can only shake my head in disbelief!