Howdy, at seasons end i will be looking to update my bowls. I bowl in Melbourne & have come across greens varying from 12-18 seconds this season. Currently i am bowling with Greenmaster Premiers 4H stamped 12, non gripped. They are a very consistent wider drawing bowl as compared to most bowls these days. As playing as a lead or second i was after a slightly narrower set & possibly drop to a size 3. But after watching alot of bowls this year i have come across the Taylor Redline SR & Dreamline XG's to be the more prominent bowls i have come across this season. wasn't too keen on the dreamlines as i noticed that they took a very similar line to what i already have but more banana shape line as to the older premiers that start to turn 3/4 of the way which i like. As recent as last game, my direct opponent was using a new set of SR's on a 13 sec green but still had abit of turn on them with them breaking after halfway. Apart from those 2 bowls, is there any others that could be recommended? Cheers