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You're right, Budda. If a club is running a tournament there is no reason they can't make a ruling before the next round.

The problem comes when a club is holding a comp on behalf of the State association. Quite often the club will run the day, but the association is the controlling body and there will be no association representative present. The club would have to do a lot of furious phoning around, and there is still no guarantee they will find anyone to make a ruling before the next round starts.

The procedure for hearing an appeal is not actually included in the Laws of the game, but is up to each association to publish as part of their CoP or policies. It's likely to take a number of days to have it heard.

So all I can say is that the umpire's decision stands until such time as the appeal is heard. If the comp has been run and won in the meantime, there's not a lot that can be done to correct any mistake.
Correct Swifty and yes i failed to say if the club was hosting an event like a state event qualifying round or so, then it a different situation again. Mind you if it were a state or regional event during the season then in most cases it would be a Sunday event with the follow up being a week or so later, which would allow the Controlling body to probably hear the appeal, unless of course it was in the middle of a day of say a sectional or round robin event, then there is problems again