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It for club players but clubs are allowed 1 import player in a sense in their line up. Adelaide used 4 Adelaide players and used Max Kleining from Holdfast Bay and Aussie squad member while Wayne Ruediger our other SA Australian Rep lined p with Ascot Park the last 2 years. It supposed to be an open event for all clubs to enter, but Helensvale will still select the best 20 clubs to showcase their event with. I been told previously best way to get an Invite is to win your Premier pennant competition sort of thing, but it probably a reasonably expensive exercise too, as there would be a nomination fee plus accommodation costs for your squad of 5 and potentially a manager if you decide etc.
Correct me if im wrong but over in WA they run the Manning 5 a side with the winning club given a spot in the Helensvale 5 a side, or possibly the East Cessnock 5 a side. Cant remember which one.

But id imagine some sort of process would be involved as to which clubs are selected.