Hi all well the club had a bowled over night tonight for under 18 year olds so after getting a message from the club i thought it would be a good time to go down . Anyway unfortunatly no youngens showed but the coach was there and a few other members ,so i introduced myself and was introduced to those there .They were all very friendly and the coach decided that seeing there was no one else there it was my first coaching lesson ,now remember i have never used these bowls of mine before and only really been a hack on social days ,so we start of with the basics holding ect foot position and other things i have to try to remember.
She was very patient with a complete novice like me and i did manage to do a couple of good bowls (sheer luck ) we started of at a fair distance and then the coach reduced it to the minimum to help me learn to release properly ect ,it was only an hour but it was a lot of fun for me ,i have since realized some of the things i am doing wrong like almost kissing the bowl when holding it and talking to other coaches they have given me some advice as well .As we finished up i was introduced to a past president and his wife who had dropped in for a quick ale ,anyway he informed me that i was being taught by one of the best when i asked how do you mean the coach that is training me is coaching the U.S.A team so i was pretty taken back by that .
Anyway just thought i would tell all those who encouraged me to "get out there" how i went on my first visit if it is like this all the time i can see me either becoming a drunk or spending a lot of time there no not really it was all great fun so until next friday at 4.00 ill work on some of the stretched muscles thanks all .