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Cheers Budda, but got it all sorted and have since found a coach I am extremely happy with.

On a side note, I know that you have said that you are not a fan of the Dynamic and did prefer the Optima over it. Interestingly, I was rolling up at a synthetic club and playin against someone who was using SRVs, I was only really having to take a foot more grass than he would. This is old synthetic and probably runs around 17-18, but I would have assumed that the SRV would have taken a much tighter line. How would you compare the Optima line to the well loved and favoured old SR's.

I would say the SR & SRV were very comparable to the Optima. I personally prefer being able to take a little more grass, as the tighter line bowl you go, the more they will find imperfections in the different surfaces in my opinion too. I aren't using the SR much anymore, i have almost retired them. I been trying out a friends 2nd hand set of XG in the Panther colour and am really enjoying them tbh. So much so that the XG will be my first preference set to go to Australian Open in 3 weeks time. I am loving them a lot, as well as my SRV