I am currently using Taylor SR's (25 stamped), and for the most part like them and have had success with them. There are however, a few annoying things which can trouble me at times about them; that being wind, tracking and their late finish. As a mid to narrow bowl I find at times that because they spend so much of their run almost vertical, they can easily be pushed by gusts and then run wide or narrow depending on the hand. Also, I have found that they can tram track on bad grass, where their line isn't enough to push over it. And finally, I find that their late finish can be affected easily by the speed of the green etc. As I said though, I do like them and on good grass with good conditions I have no complaints whatsoever.

Now...the advice part. I am contemplating a change to something that has a bit more of an even arc. A bowl that wants to lean over a bit earlier, and isn't so easily affected by tracks, wind etc. I have rolled with Conquests which I did like (albeit it briefly). As I am in WA, XG's are also very popular, although to be honest I don't like the feel of them in my hand. Would anyone be able to recommend a new bowl which would suit WA greens, and doesn't have the lateness of an SR? Aeros are not popular in WA, but possibly there is an option there.

Cheers for your help.