Cheers for the replies guys. I ended up going to the club yesterday and having a roll with some Conquests, and another set of older Dreamline's (18 I think) in size 5. I wasn't a fan of the Conquests at all. They are very similar to the SR in the first half of their run, except they have a slightly gentler finish. The Dreamlines felt great yet were possibly a little wide for my liking. That being said though, noting that the XG's carry a similar arc but with less width I ended up ordering a set of them last night in a 5. I couldn't find a set of Aeros over here to try if my life depended on it (not too popular in WA - well at least at my club), and I really am starting to think that over that common 12-16 second grass, the XG has perhaps got the take on all of them.